Best Blogging Platforms is the topic .As many people want to share there knowledge or want to express there passion so how ya the right way is blog creating a blog on you’r passion so there are many best free blogging platform and also paid Best Blogging Platforms so which is better paid or free as the world doesn’t give any thing for free if it gives then something will be wrong or use full to them so for paid no one gets any thing expect paid one so i prefer to use paid blog platforms then free blog platforms because paid platforms will come with many features and also we will have many use full things but if we go with free one then we can’t get many features and also paid is better than free every time for example for free platforms we can’t take our own domain which is not good but for paid we can have our own domain without sub domain so prefer paid one than free .

Best Blogging Platforms to Create You’r Blog

So if we talk about Best Blogging Platforms then first we can talk about WordPress so lets be gain with WordPress.

Best Blogging Platforms,wordpress,wordpress platfrom.

WordPress a very popular word in the blogging industry and also it powers about nearly 25 % of the websites/blog in the world so  you can think that how much big is these WordPress and how much use full is these and it is the most popular blog platforms .

we can have free best blog platform here and also best paid blogging platform but in free as we discussed above we can’t get many features but if you doesn’t have money to pay for hosting and domain then for starting you can choose these free blog platforms but here you can’t install plugins and also you can’t use Adsense a very famous advertisement company used by many bloggers but you can use other advertisement company’s .

  • Best alternaitive for adsense

WordPress is easy to use and also easy to customize and for the people who doesn’t know coding can also use these WordPress easily .


Best Blogging Platforms

Blogger is a best blog platform and it is a product of google and it is for free and also simple to create blogs and also no need of coding just we have to login with our google Account and create a blog but these has sub-domain for example our domain is technology so our blog address will be and it is easy to earn money also we have many features.


Best Blogging Platforms

WEEBLY is one of the best platforms for blogging and it is much use full for websites we can have free and also paid versions so in these we can use adsense advertisement company for free version also but in it also we have a sub-domain for free version but it is much use full and we prefer these platform for who can’t pay for hosting after earning from these you can later buy hosting and it is easy to use and also design we can design it easily.



Best Blogging Platforms

Live Journal is best blog platform it is also a good platform to start you’r blog and it was started in 1999 . It is better for social sharing and also it encourages the communal interaction .


Best Blogging Platforms

Ghost is a free and Best Blogging Platform but for these you need to download it and install it you’r self and also you need to design it you’r self and if you work hard then it is better like WordPress and you will have you’r own site so if you happy with these then continue with Ghost blogging platform .

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So these are the Best Blogging Platforms we found if we miss any thing please let us know by comments and share this article if you found it use full.