Hello buddies so After Setting Up WordPress Blog what to do next is the biggest problem faced by the many new bloggers so in these article i will explain you what to do after setting up WordPress blog and what are its uses so if you doesn’t installing you’r WordPress site then have a look at this article which helps you to install your WordPress blog.

Essential Settings To Do After Setting Up WordPress Blog

So friends when we install WordPress blog there will be a post and one page which are examples so delete them and also there will be many dummy things for example so we have to remove all of them and setup our blog so now we will see what are essential settings to do.

Delete Dummy Posts, Pages and Comments :

The very first thing we have to do is to delete the dummy post and page so go to Posts>>All posts and there you can find a dummy post  just delete it and in the same way go to Pages>>All pages and delete the dummy page .So now we have deleted the dummy posts and pages so now we have to change the permalinks.

Changing permalink

After Setting Up WordPress Blog you can find all settings are on default so we have to change them ,So when we install it will be in http://www.domainname.com/p=123 as you think it is short and good but it is not Search Engine friendly so we have to change it to search engine friendly as http://www.domainname.com/sample-post/ so it is search engine friendly.

To do above changes Go to settings>>permalink and then click on the above shown permalink and save it.So what is the use of it .There is much useful so when you turn to this permalink your keywords will be indexed and also shown in the search results you can see that in below image .

Important Thing To Do After Installing WordPress Blog

Change the blog title and tag line

When we buy hosting we will setup out blog title and tagline but if you want to change then change it by following my steps : Go to settings>>General and there you can change you blog title,tag line,site URL also.

And also here we have to un-tick MEMBERSHIP which will be ticked (Any one can register) check below image .

After Setting Up WordPress Blog

It will be good if you tick it if you allow guest posting on your WordPress Blog so that any one can register but the one thing you will face a lot is spam registration so if you allow guest posting then only prefer it to enable or i prefer you to disable it.

Commenting system setting:

Here you need to change some settings because many spammers will comment on blogs so we need to check and allow only good comments and i prefer you to use” AKISMET ” plugin to stop spam comments so change you settings as shown below in the image and every comment should be kept in moderation to stop spam .

After Setting Up WordPress Blog

Important Thing To Do After Setting Up Your Blog

Updating Ping List

When our new WordPress blog setted up only a single ping service will be listed so we have to update our ping services so here you can get ping services list. Ping service list .

Go to settings>>Writing>> there below you can find ping services update that list.

After Setting Up WordPress Blog

So these are main things to do After Setting Up WordPress Blog so one more thing when you started posting be sure to submit sitemaps in Google and Bing  as there are famous search engines .

Thanks for reading so these is what “What To Do After Setting Up WordPress Blog” we hope we have mentioned all the things which have to do so if we have missed any thing please let us know or if you have any doubts then let us know by comment we will try to answer you back in 24 hours .