Blogging is basically about posts that are the information in text format. But to make the post alive and more interesting you have to do something which can make the post more readable and interesting. How to get attention and share of the audience? Images!!! Yes answer to this question is images. Blogs now contain images animations videos to get the better output of the post. Here are some powerful reasons which will force you to add images in your blog. Make your black and white movie a colorful one with the images.

5 powerful reasons to add images to your blog post

Here we go to learn 5 powerful reasons to add images to your blog post and why it is much important.

  1. Make the post eye-catching

How boring it would be to read the post without images. Adding an image is like coloring your dreams. Who want to see black and white dreams in the era of animation? Add interesting images related to your post to make it eye-catching. People may press on next label without reading but images can make them stop on the post and may force them to read what the post contains. So, only images can make the audience stop at your post. Add images and get more audience for your post.

  1. Images speak

You can add images related to the post which may contain details about the post in a visual format.  A large paragraph about a water cycle can be better understood with the help of an image showing all phases of the water cycle. After understanding an image one may not have any doubts about your post. As these images clarify your thoughts fewer queries will arise from audience side. You can clearly tell your thoughts or concept through images. Writing a bird name may not create interest in the reader but if you add an image of that bird reader may get attracted to read what the post contains about that bird.

  • Images can pass language difference
  • With the help of an image, you can reach an audience of any language as images don’t have to use any language to convey the information. Like a painter paints a mother feeding her child. Such a painting doesn’t need any language to express the feeling of that mother. Images can serve such purpose to reach the audience with different languages.

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    1. More sharing on social networks

    Did you notice on social media, users share a number of images than a text without an image?  To get more shares on social networks images will help you. To reach out more audience uses images in your post. People will share your post automatically giving more visitors to your post and blog. This can be a free advertising idea. Without any investment, your post can then reach to more audience as they will share your post in chain form.

    1. Increases post size

    In addition to attraction and interest, images will increase your post size also. A good length is also necessary for the quality post. So the image can give you that length for your post. With more informative and colorful post, images can serve to cover empty space in your post if your post is too small to be impressive.

    So these are 5 powerful reasons to add images to your blog post if we miss any point fell free to inform us via comment.

    Final Words

    So these are 5 powerful reasons to add images to your blog post. If you want to add any other reason to this list then feel free to tell us  via comment .