Howdy Bloggers as we all know that now-a-days many things are competing from android mobile only within just some clicks through some apps so here are some Blogging Apps For Bloggers also for some quick things as we should open our laptop or on our computer and we should check some quick and simple things also so our time is wasted so instead of that we can have just some apps to do these from our android mobile only so there are many apps for bloggers which are developed by bloggers only who also know app development but there are just few apps which are much and really useful so let’s check them out what are those important apps so let’s go..

Important Blogging Apps For Bloggers

So there are 10 most important apps and which are really helpful so lets check them by line wise and also i will tell the importance of that app too so lets begin with no. 1 ..

  1. AdSense

Blogging Apps For Bloggers,adsense app,adsense app dashboard.

AdSense it is a free app from Google for the blogger for checking his adsense earnings easily from anywhere and at any time within seconds if we have this superb app then we doesn’t need to go to the official website of Google AdSense and check our earnings or clicks or Page Views etc… Just we need o install these app from Play store and we can check our earnings,page views,clicks,page impressions,CTR,page RPM,Impression RPM,page CTR,and many more within just some clicks so we can suggest you to use this cool app and one of the best Blogging Apps For Bloggers .


Blogging Apps For Bloggers,wordpress app

I think you know about WordPress as it is a very popular blogging platform on the internet so this app provides us many features that we can do on desktop we can easily do those things from this app we can write articles when we are out of the house or at any other place from anywhere we can write articles and when we reach home we can do just some changes to that post and we can publish it from this app we can uploads pictures to our post too and also we can bold,italic,underline the texts also and also we can add links whatever we need rather than these all things just we can work from android mobile also instead of keeping steak to laptop or desktop so it is very useful app be sure to install it if you didn’t till now.


Blogging Apps For Bloggers,blogger,blogger app

Yep,I know you people know about this famous blogging platform from google which is free so with the help of this app we can do much more like we can write articles from our android mobile only and we can upload pictures into our articles and also we can bold,italic,underline the texts also and also we can add links also and many more from your android mobile only without using desktop or laptop so be sure to install this app if you’re a user of blogger platform it is a google blogger .

4.Google Drive

Blogging Apps For Bloggers,google drive app

Google Drive is also a free app from google it will allow bloggers to store any files like images,videos,files,audios,and many more google drive will sync with all our google accounts so we can work easily from anywhere with this app and we get just 15 GB storage if we need more then it then we have to pay for it to google.

5.Google Analysis

Blogging Apps For Bloggers,google analysis phone app

Google Analysis is also one of the famous ones with this we can get our website/blog/YouTube channel full analysis like how many views we got from where they are and also which platform there are using which browser visitor is using and which article he is viewing on our blog/site and how many visitor are there present live on our blog/site we can know all these things and also our bounce rate also we can view so these is very helpful app sure to install it so these is best Blogging Apps For Bloggers in android .

6. Disqus

Blogging Apps For Bloggers,disqus app

Disqus is a very famous commenting system and also used by many bloggers so with this Disqus app we can manage our all comments which are on our site and also we can give instant replay to our visitor comment and many more if we comment on other blogs then we can get check their replay any time without missing and we think these is one of the best Blogging Apps For Bloggers it so installs this app too.

7.Tape-a-Talk Voice Recorder

Blogging Apps For Bloggers,voice recorder app

A good Voice Recorder is important to a blogger who interviews other bloggers or for a YouTuber too for recording voice so this app will help you a lot for recording high-quality recordings and also you can upload it to many servers also after completing recording this app paid version costs $4.99 with these we can cut or repair or also we can rename the recordings .

8.Photo Editor

Blogging Apps For Bloggers,best photo editing app

As a blogger we need good photos and we need to make them own so when we get them like we should write a post on nature and we need trees picture and also we need to edit it so with this app we can capture photos and also edit them at the spot so here we can draw,type,crop,change size,rotate,add effects,and many more we can do with this app within seconds .

9. Flip board

Blogging Apps For Bloggers,flipbord,flipboard app

As a blogger we are always busy in our work so we can’t check social media so we can miss many things and also maybe we can miss new ideas so these app will allow us to use social media like Facebook,Twitter,Google plus from a single place and by these we can cover all things and also we can get daily updates on news or smartphones from social media so we can get new ideas so can install this app too.


Blogging Apps For Bloggers,dictionary app

So when we write any article we doesn’t get some good words which we can use in the place of big words or any other reason so with these dictionary app we can know the meaning of the word and also it will help us to increase our English which helps a lot in blogging .

Last Words :

So last few words so these are the best apps for android free download apps for bloggers and every Blogging Tools have their own app so use them for better work so according to us these is the list of bets Blogging Apps For Bloggers if we miss any app please notify us through commenting and we hope we have collected right information at last thanks for reading.