Hi friends this is Koushil so are you trying to earn money from online in an easy way so I will show you an easy way to earn from online that is typing jobs or Data Entry Jobs you can do this from your home there are online typing Jobs and also offline Data Entry Jobs and we have found one of the best home based data entry job website so lets check it out.

M J S is one of the best data entry job provider they also offer many other jobs like S M S and emailing and some more but they pay very less so we prefer to take online typing Job so how to use these and how to apply how to write or type we will show you in upcoming lines but these companies has registration fee which starts from 750 rupees but there are many other websites which offer data entry jobs without registration fees but they pay very less or doesn’t work good or they will have many other problems so we prefer to you people to take m j s outsourcig for data posting Jobs or data entry jobs so lets see how it works…

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Earn money from online by Data Entry Jobs/ typing

Data Entry Jobs,mjs outsourcing

Here we prefer MJS company for online data input jobs or typing jobs for these first we have to pay 750 starting registration fee we have many plans to select like silver which is about 1000 rupees and gold which is about 1500 rupees and diamond which is about 2000 rupees and at last platinum which is about 2500 rupees plan for these different plans we will get different amounts of money like for 750 / 1000 if we have no mistakes and it is good and 1000/1200 and 1500/1400 and 2000/1600 and 2500/1800 (we are sorry if we have any mistakes in plan data) .So select your plan.

So now let us see how to apply for mjs data entry job

First go to mjsoutsourcing.com then select your data entry plan and then you can get there registration forum download it and just fill it up and in the other section you can have their bank account details so you can take any account and go to your bank and send them money as your selected plan and keep the slip with you and on the back side of the slip write your name and account details you can see information in there website then send them your registration forum and slip in the mail which you can find in there website and within some hours you will get reply to your mail and also you will be given your online typing jobs or offline typing job .

How to do Data Entry Job What They Will Send How They Will Send ?

What they will send and how to write /type and in which we have to type what they will send from where we have to see and write ?

For all these questions I will answer now ,So they will send you 20 images which will contain your typing job you have to type them in a notepad and a main thing you have to type all these in times new roman style and also it should be in size 10 and type should be regular these all matter they will send you in mail and you have to name these notepad same as what the name is given to that image and after completing all things you have to zip all the notepads and send them to the given mail id and you save to complete these all in 4 days only so we have provided an example of the image which they will send so have a look at it.

Data Entry Jobs,data entry file,data entry image

So these above images is send by MJS outsourcing so these is how to apply and take a job and earn money from home.

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