Blogging vs Vlogging which is best ha tough to choose because both are very effective strategies and both need hard work plus patience and also we need to built audience and its well know to you too that building audience is very tough work so lets see Whats the difference between blog vs vlog .

Blogging vs Vlogging Whats The Differnece

So, there are huge difference between Blogging vs Vlogging we see the difference between them later before going to that let we discuss about one thing so don’t thing that to start which is easy and better do start in which you have passion and interest don’t think of money !! ya ya i know that your starting this to earn some $$$$ but before that you need to spend some $$ in both Blogging vs Vlogging which may you choose if you go with which you have passion then interest also there you can success sure …. so go with which you have passion and also knowledge without that you can’t even earn $ but you can learn and start or start and learn …… So now lets see the difference between them…

Blogging vs Vlogging

Blogging is the most simplest then vlogging and also blogging doesn’t need any expensive things blogging is about sharing you’r knowledge to the people on the internet world so in the blogging we have to write articles regularly and also it should be simple and informative to the readers then only people will visit you’r site and spend some time on reading you’r articles .. and when you finish you’r article you also need to share them in social media for better traffic and it is called as social media marketing and also in blogging we have to learn many things and those are like keywords,meta tags,About description,headings,etc…. and many thing is SEO we have to learn about SEO and basics of SEO first then only we can gain some visitors we have to write the articles very attractive and useful you can learn more on net…

SO what we need to start a blog ???

SO,well we doesn’t need much more things we just need a computer and a good internet connection also some knowledge then we need to select a best platform to start you’r blog choose the best one for help review the below article then we need good hosting and a good domain you can choose good domain if you refer below article you can also choose blogger if you doesn’t have money to spend on hosting  but you need to buy a domain (You can get .tk domain for free at .tk site) so at last we need some time to spend on blogging that’s it.


Vlogging is nothing but YouTubeing here we need to spend some money for m\some equipment like best video camera which mean vlog camera for making good videos for these you can choose a best video blog or YouTube and start a YouTube channel and make videos and upload there YouTube vs blogging money with both we can earn and in both we need to work hard but in vlogging we have to spend some 2-4 hours for making video and editing it and many more so here also we need to share on social media for better results both blogging and vlogging have some similarities and here also we have to learn some SEO for ranking and also we can advertising on Facebook and Google or YouTube it self for better results also to know to people about us we also need to gather good tags for getting views on you’r videos …


SO i think now you got the difference between a blog and a vlog so if you ask youtubeing vs blogging its up on you  to Starting a blog vs YouTube you should choose which is better to you .



  1. Though blogging is more popular than Vlogging, the later offers video illustration which is quiet popular these days. More people love to watch a documentary rather than read through a long article.

  2. Yeah.! Hi koushil
    Blogging is better than vlogging.
    People love to show their knowledge upon the social media rather than youtubing … so my choice is blogging..
    Thank u