Hi guys i am koushil. I am also a adsense publisher and some times we may click on our own ad mistakenly so we want to Cancel Our Click so how ya there are many types of method’s from which we can protect our self from wrong ad click so now i will tell you how.

Cancel Our Click Which Is Down By Mistake

Ya when we are checking out site or doing any thing or suddenly might we click on our own ads so what to do ya there are many ways so when we did like this mistakenly we can Cancel Our Click so when you clicked then don’t remove you’r finger from mouse just drag it to any other place on the page and then release if you have all ready clicked then you an apply for a wrong click in google so now i will tell you how can we protect our self’s by keeping away this .We can stop these by many ways from that ad blocker is one.

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So with adblocker extension on our google chrome we can less down risk so sure use ad blocker so you will not need to Cancel Our Click when we are protected ad’s will not shown on our site to us not only on our site but also on all other sites so i recommend you to use adblocker sure .

So what about other devices how can we protect and Cancel Our Click

So we have many other ways in different internet browser’s so we can check different methods so what about mobile phones we can use adblocker apps in our mobile you can get these apps on google play store .

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what happens if we click on our own ads ?

Ya many bloggers asked me about these question what happens if we click on our own ads ya when you click on you’r own ads then google will detect you’r I.P address and then will find that you have clicked on you’r own ads and google will cancel your account and many times they will “BAN” directly so be care full about that and be aware of that and be away from that if you think we can easyly make money from adsense then you’r totally wrong .