Hi guys today we will discuss about Create Free Chrome Extension for our blog to develeope website and get more visitors and it is a good thing to create Apps and extensions for our WordPress blog or any other blog so that we can give more ways to visitor and it is also easy to view our site for reader.

Create Free Chrome Extension For Our Blog

Google chrome extension will be much help full for a reader more easy to get you’r latest posts with these chrome extension reader will get you’r latest posts which are on you’r homepage so these will be more help full so lets start how to do that.

Before starting these you have to download these file .

After downloading the above file replace the things which we say step by step.

  1. Create a logo of you’r website in 128 x 128 size .
  2. Now in the downloaded file open manifest.json and replace you’r blog name and description with instead of allnewtechbuzz .(You need notepad++ software for editing these files and you can get it for free at online in google type”download notepad++” and download you’r copy)
  3. Now if you doesn’t know how to replace the name and description just type control + “F” button and select replace section and replace all and type you’r description also.
  4. Now in extension.html replace you’r name and you’r URL instead of allnewtechbuzz.

Now you’r extension is ready so now we will check it is working or not for these you need Google chrome and if you want to upload you’r extension to google then you need to pay just 5$ to google and you can upload.

Now we will check google chrome extension

Go to extensions in you’r chrome and the click tick mark on developer mode then click on load unpacked extension and add you’r extension there that’s it . Now you’r google chrome extension ready .

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