Doraemon Repair Shop Android game as we all know about doraemon a featured robot cat which is came from feature to help nobita w boy who always fall in to the problems so these featured robot cat will help to nobita with his amazing feature gadgets so there are many other doraemon android games but these is somewhat special so lets see the game Doraemon Repair Shop.

Doraemon Repair Shop one of the best doraemon games

Doraemon Repair Shop

So in these game we have repair all the things like home appliances and also furniture’s which are dumped in to the trash by the town people so for the better town doraemon get’s an idea that he can repair those all things and reuse of them so doraemon and his friends collects all the trash from the town and repair them by using cool amazing featured gadgets by doraemon and here we have 9 amazing levels that we have to complete and also we should upgrade the gadgets and we should order the doraemon and his friends and by seeing these many other town people will also ask to repair there appliances and furniture’s and also doraemon and his friends will repair there neighbor’s things so they will be very happy and also because of these doraemon and his friends will be rewareded by a lots of Dorayaki (doracake) So we hope you like the game while playing these amazing game Doraemon Repair Shop.

Doraemon Repair Shop

Lets see the Game Details :

Game language       : ENGLISH .

Game Designed By  : Animoca .

Game Name            :Doraemon Repair Shop .

Game Under Categories  : doraemon android games .

Doraemon Repair Shop

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Doraemon Repair Shop

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