Pokemon Go I think you’re hearing these word from a couple of days yes why because it became viral nowadays many people are trying to download Pokemon Go but the bad luck is Pokémon Go is not available in all countries only available in some countries but the Pokemon company is trying to release this viral app all over the world soon as there are working now on their server because of viral these Pokemon Go game they can’t handle their server so they are trying to increase their server capacity to keep these Pokemon go android available to all the people who likes to play these game.

How to Download Pokemon Go

As this Pokemon Go game is not released worldwide you can’t download Pokemon Go from play store but we can download from other third party websites but many people are facing one issue that server issue Pokemon Go servers are full and they can’t handle more so they are working to solve these issue so until that time we can’t expect official game in India or in any other county but we can have the game from a website apkmirror.com so below the post we have given the link to download Pokemon Go apk so click on that link and download your game and enjoy playing so here is the link.

Server Issue Image:

download Pokemon Go,server issue in pokemon game

Pokemon Go app Download For Android

How to Download Pokemon Go Android Game In India

As we told in the above passage you can download Pokemon Go from that link from any country and at any time just click on that link and download game and then play and enjoy the viral Pokemon go android game.

Pokemon Go game specifications / Phone Requirements

Pokemon Go game doesn’t need much more specifications / phone requirements just some amount of ram and some amount of storage.

Pokemon Go App Size : 58 MB

Pokemon Go Phone Requirements

  • Android 4.4 to android 6.0.1 any android (Except android “N” till the official release of these android).
  • Preferred Resolution 720 x 1280 pixels.
  • Need Good internet connection also (Bad news).
  • GPS is surely needed.
  • Intel CPU is not supported.
  • Need Good RAM (1 GB is preferred can run on 512 also).

Pokemon Go Game Officially Released Country’s

Pokemon Go game is officially released in only some countries those are UK, USA, CANADA, GERMANY, AUSTRALIA , NEW ZEALAND.

Japan is also waiting for the official release of Pokemon Go Android Game and this game works well on Iphone’s also.

So as it became viral game people are crazy about playing these game and all are just roaming outside and playing the game no one is stopping playing the game till midnight also as it became viral as usually many jokes and pranks will generates so lets have a look at them also now…. .

Jokes and Trolls On Pokemon Go Viral Game

Credits to Maxandroidapps

A funny joke :

Mom’s in 1996 : “Stop Playing Pokemon game and go out!”

Mom’s in 2016 : “Stop playing Pokemon Go game and come in!”

As I said many people are roaming outside and playing Pokemon Go game so there is a troll / joke on it Before playing Pokemon Go and After Playing Pokemon Go.

download Pokemon Go,pokemon go troll

And these really become viral as Pokemon Go game these Troll pic became viral on Social media.

download Pokemon Go

As we all know porn is watched by huge people and its viral but now Pokemon Go and became more viral than porn and now people who spend much time on watching porn are giving time to play Pokemon GO game.

How To Play Pokemon Go Game Guide

As we all know Pokemon cartoon show in that there will a ball which catches or releases Pokemon’s with that balls we have to catch the Pokemon’s and we have to cross many levels and much more for that just watch a video about the game released by the Pokemon company on their website and official youtube channel.

Pokemon Go Offical Trailer