Hi friends i am koushil so when we are watching youtube videos we want them to download in to our computer to enjoy anytime but how to do that ? there are many software’s to download youtube videos but Download Videos From Youtube Without Any Software or some of them are paid and some are not good and if we doesn’t want to waste place on our computer then we doesn’t want to install any video downloading sotware so for these we have some cool tricks and now i am going to tell you one of the cool youtube video download tricks so lets go.

Download Videos From Youtube Without Any Software

So if we see there are many tricks to download youtube videos but some of them are bad and some of them are not working and some more will show ads so we searched a lot and gathered some data and at last we found a good working cool trick that is called youtube video downloading magic trick these is the simple and easy trick to download videos from youtube so lets see how it works and how to download videos with this trick.

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youtube video downloading magic trick

Step by step guide to Download Videos From Youtube Without Any Software so follow my lines to download correctly if you want to watch a video on these topic don’t worry we have a video too in our youtube channel.

  1. Go to youtube and select the video which you want to download.
  2. Now see at the URL of the video page you can see that in the below image.
  3. Now type magic in between the you and tube in the URL as shown in the below image .

Download Videos From Youtube Without Any Software

4. Now a after entering magic click on enter button and then you can see a new window opens.

5. Now there you can see download button click on that .

6.Then you can see video formats option select which format you want to download

7. Then a new window opens and there you can see “click here to download your requested video” now click on that.

8.Now if ad opens then close it and back to the page and there you can see “click here to download you’r video”click on that and congrats you’r video started downloading enjoy 🙂

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