Nowadays when I want to share my latest articles on Facebook it is showing Page Not Found error so I tried to post some old posts on Fb to try whether they are working well or not so they are working well and not showing Page Not Found error so I have searched a lot for a solution so at last, I got many solutions so now I wanna share them with you people too so I will say all possible steps which I know so lets start with the first method.


How to Solve Page Not Found Error on Facebook

Page Not Found

As you can see in the above image when I paste the link it showing this 404 page not found error so let’s start with this solution .

Solution 1

When I started using Facebook instant articles from that time this 404 page not found error I am not saying that to don’t use Facebook instant article but I am saying to setup Facebook instant articles perfectly if not you gonna face these issue so these is because of javascript so when I removed instant articles my articles are working well when I am sharing my articles on Facebook so make sure you have installed these correctly.

Solution 2

In this error or for updated post re-posting issue it is the best solution as using Facebook Debugger ,It will show the mistakes and errors in our article link and also shows why it is showing 404 page not found error so try this method also if your problem not solved with above solution 1.

Facebook Showing Page Not Found Error While Sharing Posts

Solution 3


Before publishing your post check your post permalink is it correct or wrong i mean whehther it is in good method or bad like p=00000 at the end.

Permalink can also be a problem in Page Not Found issue so check it also before going to publish a post.

Solution 4

Time Zone check your timezone whether it is in correct or wrong when you share a post by keeping shedule so keep this also in mind and keep shedule post .

If your in India and set London timezone at that time also it may be issue so be carefull .

So these is what soultions i found on these Facebook Page Not Found while sharing a post .Thanks for reading share this article on your social media accounts and help us to  grow share this article by just clicking on the below share buttons :).