Hi friends so How To Get Google Adsense Approval For Our Blog Or YouTube its easy if you follow the right steps so now i will say the right steps to Get Google Adsense Approval for you’r blog or youtube channel i know that getting adsense account for you tube channel is easy so i will tell how to get for you’r blog which we can’t get much easy but we can get if you follow my steps correctly so lets start these.

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How To Get Google Adsense Approval For Our Blog Or YouTube

setps to get google adsense approval

The main thing for google is quality content so write you’r own content each word to word must written by you should not copy others and also that should be good not useless and if it is done seo then it will be much good and each post much have 500+(plus) words and you should have minimum 5-7 posts to get google adsense approval and also apply for adsense account after fully designing you’r blog only and also you need some traffic daily then only google policy’s will satisfy and you will get google adsense approval so if you follow just these simple steps you can get adsense approval in easy way so follow these steps and also if you have just started you’r blog or you have started 2-3 days back then you must read these article below mentioned .

Get Google Adsense Approval IN 2 DAYS

Getting Google Adsense Approval IN 2 DAYS is also very easy just follow same steps mentioned above and also follow below steps which i am going to say now so for these you need to have good quality posts and some views for getting good quality posts you need correct title for you’r posts for these you can use title generators site (we have a post on it have a look at it below of the passage we have mentioned the link)and you need good keywords also do you know with keywords only our post will rank on top of the google search(Don’t know about keywords don’t worry we have article on it read it and also want to rank in good position on google or any other search engines then have a look at our another article below of the post all links are provided).

How to Get adsense approval for blog

Here is a important thing you should get a seo optimized theme also for getting adsense approval fast also to rank good and earn more seo friendly theme is important and we prefer you to have newspaper theme if you’r site niche (Topic) is about tech or news ,newspaper, gadgets or review site and if you want to setup video site like youtube then use video press theme (If you want to setup a video site then we have a good article on it here so have a look before getting started ).

You can get newspaper theme for free here .

So these are easy steps to get adsense approval so have a look at our other articles also for better results and share these article if you found any informative information in our article and also comment here if we missed any thing thanks for reading have a nice day 🙂 .