Hi YouTube’rs so,when we see some other having a Verified YouTube Badge on there channel it looks like good and also it will make us fell that we can get correct answered video for our quarry and also because of Verified YouTube Badge we can get many more our channel looks like branded and also famous one so what we need to get YouTube Verified Badge to our channel ya lets see …

How to Get Verified YouTube Badge

Verified YouTube Badge

As you can see in the above picture this is pic of google channel so you can see there it has youtube verified tick so this is what called YouTube Verified Badge so how can we get these verified check mark to our channel ya its simple and easy but needs your channel somewhat famous so lets see what we need what are the requirement’s to get these verified tick to our channel.

Requirements For YouTube Verified Tick

So for these first you need to attach you’r Google plus account to you’r channel then you need to get verified there and one thing we doesn’t need huge followers for these but we need some things in your YouTube channel so lets check out theme..

Things Should Have to Check Before Getting Verified YouTube Badge

  • YouTube verified Need some subscribers (at least 1000 subscribers on YouTube).
  • Should have profile picture and channel art to your channel (in need).
  • Have connected your channel with google plus if possible then with Facebook and Twitter too.. .
  • Need Some views (As you have more then 1000 subscribers its a simple matter to have minimum views).
  • Should maintain same profile picture and channel art on other social media (Google plus , Facebook , Twitter).

So these are the things to check before processing to get YouTube verified tick to your channel ….

So if you have all these then you can get verified on YouTube so you know you can also verify on twitter and Facebook too.. to know  how to get twitter verified and Facebook verified then have a look at our other articles below…

Want to get verified badge easily and within seconds then watch this amazing video from us (Note this is just for fun not really stay for a long time OK )