Hi friends so,Good Domain Name Picking is the most important thing in the blog when we want to start a blog we need to select a good domain so here i will the top 4 Good Domain Name Picking websites they will help you a lot to get a right domain to you’r blog according to you’r blog niche(topic) and also i will tell you the important’s of a domian and why we need to get good blog domain names for our blog so lets get started….

Good Domain Name Picking Is Important ?

Yes Good Domain Name Picking is important because a domain name will tell about you’r site and also it is the identification of you’r blog and it should be good and also it should be shorter so let us discuss how should be a good domain…

  1. You have to select a good domain name for you’r blog which tells about you’r site niche. (Example : If we have a technology topic site then in our domain “tech” word should appear)
  2. The domain should be shorter to remember for every one and also it should be easy to type and remember.(Example our site is related to tech and also all about blogging tips and seo tips and also we will have latest technology and mobile updates so we have selected “Allnewtechbuzz” All=seo and blogging tips and mobile reviews etc.. New = latest mobiles and latest technology news Tech= It is main keyword as i told for tech relates blog tech is important keyword and buzz it is like new and trending)
  3. So, there are .com,.in,.net,.co,.co.in,etc….. so what should we select ?…. You should go with .com if and if you .com is not available then only go for other… Because .com is for world wide websites/blog and if we take .in it is for India targeted blog or .UK is for united kingdom so select .com only.

I think these three points are enough to Good Domain Name Picking ….

Good Domain Name Picking Is Easy With These Websites

Good Domain Name Picking

  1.  Namemesh

There you will have some important things to consider to take a good domain .So go to namemesh.com and then type you’r website/blog niche(topic) keyword and press enter then you will get many lists with many uses so select one from them and you can also check domain available there only .. and you can have commonly used or most used seo optimized domain names.

2. Panabee

In panabee we should give two words which reflects our blog niche and they will give us a list of domain with some options you can directly buy them by clicking on them in a very famous and best domain buying site Godady.com so there also you can see the important’s and related keywords etc…

3. Bustaname

Bustaname here we can have many options there we should give our starting keyword and also how should our domain look very natural or less natural or somewhat natural and also we have select how many characters we need in our domain and then we have to select .com,.net,.in and .org which we need then press enter and we can have a list of domains select a best one from the best list .

4. Domainhole

So these will be very help full for those who want to buy expired domain i think you got a doubt why should we take expired domains because they will have good popularity and also they may have good ranking and also they can come with good back links and also may be with good DA and PA so try expired domain also and i know you getting another doubts also ,So the expired domain may be haveing these all so why that people who had buy’d these  earlier why he leaves these site yes i have a best answer that’s because they may have no time to blog or got any other jobs or may have another blogs which are most important then these blog so they will leave it or they may forgot’d them to renew so it is also best way.

SO these are good domain name generators .

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