Hello friends before going to the topic Google AdWords Keyword Tool i will introduce my self i am koushil a tech blogger.

I think you are searched a lot for the best keywords but you doesn’t found right keywords but i recommend Google AdWords Keyword Tool this will give you a good results .So i will tell you what is google keyword planner and how to use google adwords step by step.

WHAT IS Google AdWords Keyword Tool

First i want to tell you that adwords keyword planner is made for Advertiser’s not for bloggers .Google adword’s is the best keyword research tool many bloggers uses adwords because it is the best there are many other tools also but they are paid but adword’s is fully free as i sayed it is for advertiser’s not for bloggers so they will advertise so these tool is for free to them but we can also create a account for free but now(17-04-16)google decided to give the account for those who only advertise so we can’t get adwords account now for that we need to advertise once to get that account.

Now i think you got a idea that what is google adwords.

How to Use The Google AdWords Keyword Tool

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Step by step

  1. First create a account (Now it’s not free so you should advertise once to get the account).
  2. Now after completion of creating account sing in to you’r account.
  3. Now go to Tools and analysis .
  4. Now select keyword planner tool.

Google AdWords Keyword Tool ,google adwords ,what is adwords.

This will look like this a window opens like this.

A . Type your post name in ‘A’.

B.Enter the URL of your page or post.

C.You can leave it blankly .

D.Select country (we recommend to select all the world).

E.Select the language (We recommend to select English if you’r website is in other language you can select other language if not use English).

F.Select the search engine (Use google for better results).

G.Leave it.

H. You can leave it.

Now click on Enter and then you can see a window opens like this.

Google AdWords Keyword Tool , what is google adwords ,how to use google adwords.

I. Enter your post heading.

J. Select keyword ideas for better results.

K. The most searched or seo keywords or tags which you have given.

L.These are the most searched keywords by the searcher’s.

M. These is the graph we can leave it.

N.The number shows the monthly search’s to that keyword.

O.These is called competition of the keyword’s these will depend on how many are useing these keyword.(This is for advertiser’s so we should select High competition keywords only low competition keywords for advertiser’s)

P. The average CPC (cost per click) (select high cpc keywords to earn more).

Q.You can download all keywords for feature use by clicking here.

R. Number of Keywords are in the search .

So guys these is what google keyword planner .I hope you learned something by these post if you have any doubts just ask me in our Facebook page and also you can watch videos on our Youtube channel “Allnewtechbuzz”.

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