Google Webmaster Tools

Hi friends Google Webmaster Tools i think you have heard about these many times if you’r a blogger then you should must know about these Google Webmaster Tools because as we know there are many free tools and also paid tools and also many ways to get traffic to you’r blog or website but Google Webmaster Tool helps you a lot to get on top of the search results and also to drive traffic and many more so it is important to have Google Webmaster Tool to you’r site so lets see how to create a account in Google Webmaster Tool and submit you’r blog.


How to Create account in Google Webmaster Tools and Increase our Traffic

Well as we all know only one google account for all google products so here also you can use you’r google account and create a Google Webmaster Tool account and main thing it should be in one account if you’r adsense or any blog related things have connected to any google account then you need to get these account in that google account only so be sure .

So after getting account how to submit our blog/website to Google Webmaster Tool ,So its very easy guys there you can see add a blog/website to Google Webmaster Tool account and there enter you’r blog/website URL and press on add site then you need to verify it that you own that site so HOW … lets see..

So friends there in you’r account above right side corner to down you can see a box setting there select verification details and then you will be taken to a new page there you can see verification using another method click on that and then you can have some verification option so i prefer to take HTML tag verification so click on that or mark it now you will get a HTML code copy that code and paste it in your WordPress blog/website and you need any seo plugin we prefer yoast seo plugin and go to that plugin and go to webmaster tools in that plugin and paste the HTML tag code there and save settings then you need to go back to Google Webmaster Tools and then there at bottom left side you can see verify button click on that and now you’r blog/website is verified ,So what’s next what to do lets see..

How to submit sitemaps in google webmaster tools

Yes,Now its time to submit you’r blog/website to Google Webmaster Tools ,So what is these sitemaps and how to submit them so i will tell you that thing first.

So i think many of you know about sitemaps if not then you can refer to below mentioned link.

So now let us discuss about how to submit sitemaps in google webmaster tools so after doing all those above things then you need to go to you’r Google Webmaster Tool account then you can see there all you’r blogs/websites list so select in which you want to submit sitemaps and then there you can see sitemaps click on that after that you can see add/submit sitemaps so there you have to submit so how and what to submit let us see..

Google Webmaster Tools

First you need Google Webmaster Tools/Google XML sitemaps plugin or yoast seo plugin so many will use yoast seo so i will tell how to submit in both so first let us start with yoast seo plugin ..


Go to yoast seo general settings and there enable webmasters/sitemaps then you will asked to click on that button to see you’r sitemaps generated by yoast seo then you will be taken to a page there you need to copy that links which are on that page and paste in the Google Webmaster Tools in sitemaps as i told and there is a main point that you need not to select domain name only select remaining part like example select only these “post-sitemaps/-hasdvjs-jsb” not total and paste that in webmaster tools sitemaps like this you need to submit all links and then it will be done in some days .

Google Webmaster Tools/Google XML sitemaps plugin

So these also same as yoast seo plugin so here you need to go to these plugin and then go to general then you can see there click here to view your sitemaps so click on that and then you will be taken to a new page there will be some links and same copy those links with out domain or address and paste them in Google Webmaster Tools as same as i told in above section of yoast seo plugin .

These will help you to increase you’r website/blog traffic “organic traffic”.

So friends if you have any doubts about these articles let us know in comments and thaks for reading share these article if you like these.