Post Content Analysis Yoast Seo Hi friends this is Koushil .So we will dicuss about Post Content Analysis Yoast Seo so friends as you know seo is the most important thing in the blogging which makes our post and website to rank on first page seo mean search engine optimization so first i want to tell you how these seo works so when we searched for a thing on a search engine every search engine works same but there will be some difference ok let us take famous search engine google so if we searched for a thing on google then we can see some website posts will come so these were analysed by search engines system well google uses a software called spider you can have full details about it here

SO now the famous seo plugin used by many bloggers is yoast seo plugin which is so use full so we can get content Analysis there in the plugin so it is most important it will scan our post and tell us what we should do have a minimum seo optimized post so i think you have try a lot to get all points as green so now i will say how to Get Green Points For Post Content Analysis Yoast Seo so lets get started ..

How to Get Green Points For Post Content Analysis Yoast Seo

  1. So guys first thing is to have quality content and words should be more than 300 according to yoast seo but i prefer more than 500 words so you will get a green point.

2. Then you’r focus word should be in the heading and also in slug(link of the post)and also in images in you’t post including featured images in alt tags(don’t know about alt tags don’t worry here is a link there you can know about it).

3. Now we are going to description so it is also a important thing so we should use our focus keyword in these also maximum 2 times .

4. And you should have minimum one link in you’r post keep a link of you’r another post which is related to you’r post .

5. Use at least one image on you’r post and also keep you’r focus keyword in alt tag of the image.

6. You should not use words which are big and also difficult to read like words which are don’t know to many with out googling it .

7. The heading of the post must be contain minimum 35 words .

8. Use you’r focus keyword in the first line of the post .

9. Use you’r keyword in the heading no. two also.

10. AND at last keyword density i think you don’t know about it keyword density is depends on  how many times you used you’r keyword in the post it should be used maximum 3 times.

YOU can have example of these post seo only if you follow these above steps then you’r post also same like me see below .

Post Content Analysis Yoast Seo

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