Have you ever thought that how large is Facebook as it is used by huge number of people and daily huge people are joining Facebook so we can think how much Facebook earns .

How Much Facebook Earns

As we know Facebook is the largest social media which is used by many people and as per Alexa Facebook is 2nd largest website with huge traffic so as it is second largest website in the world so it should earn huge so how much it earns as per Facebook official earnings announcement Facebook earned $17.93 billions in 2015 if we compared with 2014 they have 44% up growth as per average 1.04 billion people use Facebook every day it is not a small number and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that 2015 was a best year for them and also they have got a good up growth in earning per user previous they earn 9$ per user but in 2015 they got $13.54 per user it is small number but if we calculate for all FB users it is much high and also they earns from advertisements and many other ways too.. like fees and etc…

facebook earnings report,Facebook Earns

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Facebook Geographical Report From Where They Earn.

Facebook Earns,facebook earnings report

How Much Money Facebook Earns Per User

Facebook earns $10-$13 per user so here is a short graph for revenue earning from user as per country.

Facebook Earns


Facebook average revenue per worldwide user.

Facebook Earns


Facebook is increasing there revenue in a good way year to year .So how much does it earns per second lets calculate it.

How Much Does Facebook Earns Per DAY

Nearly Facebook is earning $2.12 million per day so you know why $(dollar) rate is much high than other country’s yes because there are big company and there are large amount of shares from those company’s and Facebook also have about more than $150,000 in the shares and also Google, Microsoft , Apple and many other big company’s are in america so there $(dollar) rate is so high than other country’s .

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