We should remember all the things and as a blogger we will have many blogs and many other accounts like social media etc.. and it is harder to remember all the passwords and if we try to keep the same password to all then it may cause harm like if one account is hacked all will be gone so we should keep different passwords so we should remember all passwords but not from now because now I am going to show you how to add Password Free WordPress Login so we can use our smartphone as a key.

Password Free WordPress Login With Clef

Password Free WordPress Login,clef app

Before knowing about how to setup Password Free Login you have to know about ” Clef “.Clef is an android app which replaces your login setup with a smart technology login setup by mean it will display a lineic signature when you want to sign in to your WordPress blog so it is  just with your android clef app and this line signature is much strong so it is tough to broke the code and also they have very strong database .

So it fine so what’s the matter about the people who handle multiple blogs don’t worry its very simple you can setup these smart technology login to all your blogs so how just add all your sites in the app that’s it its very easy .So what if data leaks? don’t worry why because all the data will be on your smart phone so no one can get your profile or log into your blog without having your smartphone.

How to Setup Clef on Your Smartphone to Enable Password Free Login

So very first thing you need to do is downloading clef app to your android or ios device and then install it after installing it will ask you to give name and Email to create Clef account.

Now after that it will ask you to enter four(4)digit pin code which will be your line signature  then you will be asked to verify so they will send you a mail to the given mail id so yo have to verify the email address.

How to Setup Clef Plugin on WordPress Blog for password free WordPress login

First, you need to install and activate Clef plugin on your WordPress blog now you can see Clef menu on your left side WordPress menu click on that now it will take you to setup page then click on Get started button.

So now a new window will open on your desktop which shows Clef waves (signature wave)now open your Clef app on your android device and scan the code which is displaying on the desktop .So after these you can see setup button so click on that congratulations!! setup has been completed.

How to Login to Your WordPress Account With Clef App

Password Free WordPress Login,login with clef

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So now all the setup has been finished so now we have to check how it is working for these go to login page and there you can find “login with your phone” below the username and password login option so click on that so now you can see a wave on your screen just open your app on your device and scan the code and you will be logged in.

How to Remove Username and Password Login Option Totally

After logging in to your WordPress blog open Clef menu there you can find settings there you can disable the username and password login option so from that you can only login with your Clef app so you can put a role also that all your authors and writers should login though there app only .(NOTE : It’s better to leave it as it is with out changing).

So these is how to setup Password Free WordPress Login we hope you like it.

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