Now-a-days creating android apps is such an easy thing so why not we create an app for our WordPress blog or any other platform blogs also so it will make our blog lovers easy to get our latest post updates and also it will make easy to enter our blog and read article so now i will show you How to Create an App so there are many app maker websites which are absolutely free but the style and looking is not so good and also they will mention their site name in our app so it looks very annoyed so I have got a superb free app maker website and also it’s easy to make an app so lets start to create your own app .

How to Create an App With APPYET


So first go to a free mobile app builder website and then you can see sign up and sing in option so as your new you should create an account so create your own new account .

  • Enter your name.
  • Enter you Email address.
  • Enter your password.
  • Again enter your password.
  • Now enter your name.
  • Now your last name.

And now click on sing up now (you will not get any verification mail so don’t worry)

Congratulation! Now your account has been created now let’s start creating an app for your blog.

How To Make an App | Apps for Free

Now at the beginning or at the right side upward you can see “Create App” just click on that now you will be taken to a new sing in the page so now sing in with your Email id and password.

Now you can see a page like this in below image.

How to Create an App,appyet

Application Name : First type your Application name (App name)which you want to keep                                      we prefer to use your blog name / web site name.

Package Name :  Now you have to enter your package (package name is nothing but a                                    name by which we can identify your app)Type there as this                                                    “com.yourbrandname.yourblogname”.

For example, Our app name is given like this “com.mkcreations.allnewtechbuzz”

Template :  Select Blank Template .

Now We will be taken to a new page “General” here we should select our app details and how we want it is like mobile app builder .

How to Create an App

Here check : APPLICATION NAME , VERSION .(As above shown)

Now change the App Icon with your own Icon (you need 92 x 92 size) and also if you want then change Notification and header Icons.

Now select if you want ratings to your app(if you want to upload your app to play store then only) at last click on “SAVE CHANGES”.

Now part 1 of the How to Create an App is completed now we will check part 2.

Online Best Free App Maker Website

Part 2

Now you can see “Modules” there at upside so click on that .

Now you have seen this type of things there

How to Create an App,appyet

If you want you can change them those are like Menu options so it’s your wish to change or not.

Now you can see this thing just go and click on WordPress if you’re using WordPress then only select this option or select which platform your using.

How to Create an App,

So after doing that you will take to a new page so here give a men name and leave the order as “o” only then in website URL box paste your blog / website URL then select “SAVE CHANGES”.

Now you will be taken back so now select WEB option to see above picture for details (NEW MODULE IMAGE).

Now here select web link option then you can see a link box there add your website / blog link and select other details and click on “SAVE CHANGES”.

Now you will be taken to settings page there set the things which you want after that at last you can find “Feedback Email” option there give your email address and next at “Goggle analytics” give your analytics code if you have (If you want to track you app traffic details).

Now save changes.Next go to BUILD page you can find on top side there click on “SUBMITE TO BUILD” that’s it Congratulations! your app is ready now you will get a mail to you when your app is ready (it will take just 3-5 minutes)Check you inbox for mail if you wont get any mail then check in spam box that’s it there will be your app download it and enjoy.



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