While we are writing a post we will think of searching for good keywords and in that way we also want to know what are the keywords used by our competitors so we have explained about it in our previous post so now after all keywords we want to know the Competitor Image Alt Tags for which his images are ranking and it is also an important thing in the SEO ,So lets see how to find our Image Alt Tags which are used by our competitors so lets began with it..

Competitor Image Alt Tags Finding Methods

So there are many websites / blogs to know about the image alt tags which are used by our competitors and also if we know coding then with the help of coding also we can find our competitor image alt tags so if you know coding then you will not look at this right so you are here reading this mean you don’t know coding so lets use blogs / websites to find out these image alt text so how and where lets check it out..

So what is the use of alt tag in html about this you can know by referring the above link so now which site is best for image alt tags checker so for this we prefer seositecheckup so we prefer this site so how to check image alt tags there it is easy so i will guide you check it down ..

How to find Competitor Image Alt Tags via seositecheckup

Step by step :

  1. Go to seositecheckup we have provided the link in the above lines .
  2. Now go to google and search with your keyword and the blogs which are on first page of search results are your competitors so copy there post URL .
  3. And now paste the URL in the given box in seositecheckup .
  4. Now you can and then you can find many things on your window so now go to the image alt tags section and there you can find the Competitor Image Alt Tags .

So that’s how easy to get our competitor keywords so we hope you have enjoyed and also learned a lot from this .

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