As many bloggers choose AdSense as their many source of income it’s because of there ate only network which pays high revenue shares they will give us 68% revenue share and not only this point there are many other points too to choose AdSense with AdSense we can work with other networks too like info links and also we can use affiliate programs also so as we know we can earn a good amount with AdSense only also affiliate but we prefer AdSense so now we will check how to Increase AdSense Earnings let’s go ..

Tips to Increase AdSense Earnings

The main thing in any matter whether it’s about ranking or getting traffic or also about huge earnings also important in seo is keywords so keywords are most important so here we have to choose high bid keywords so advertisers will pay high bids for those keywords so we can get high CPC from that so we have to choose high bid keywords so be careful while choosing keywords so for searching good keywords we prefer using AdWords keyword panel if you doesn’t know how to use these then have a look at our article below we have mentioned link these is one method to increase CPC and Increase AdSense Earnings. so let’s check second method …

Placing High CPC Paying Advertisements
So there is another method also to Increase AdSense Earnings so let’s check it out…

In these method we have identify low CPC paying advertisements and we have to block them so instead of playing low CPC ads Google AdSense will place high CPC paying ads for same keyword so we can increase our CPC and with this our AdSense earnings will also increase much good then before blocking the low cpc Paying ads …

Placing Right Advertisements for Your Post

This is well know method to many of the bloggers yes if we place ads at right place and important to place right ads which suites to your post content for example if wrote a post on “getting high quality back links” then prefer ads like selling back links ads some sites will sell back links so choose those ads and place in your post so by this also we can increase our AdSense earnings ..

So these are the best ways to increase your AdSense earnings if we missed any thing then please let us know by comment and also thanks for reading we hope you have leaned a lot and also enjoyed a lot while reading share this article with your friends and also on social media by just clicking on below share buttons and subscribe to us to get latest post updates and also for cool tricks thank you :).