So friends do you know every minute really every minute 15 videos will be uploaded to world’s second search engine that is YouTube so for hour it will be 15*60 = 900 videos will be uploaded every hour so from those we have to rank on first page then only we can get huge views and we can Increase YouTube Views so for this you have to work hard but not much harder than a blogger because it is tough to rank a post on Google but its easy to rank a video on YouTube with just some simple steps and that’s also genuinely so let’s see how for these we are using a software called tubebuddy which helps a lot to rank and get views and also for earning … So let’s see how ..

How to Increase YouTube Views with Tubebuddy :

Increase Youtube Views,tubebuddy.

So friends tubebuddy is not a free software but you can use it for free with just some options we prefer to use premium so let’s see how it works and how we can rank with this and Increase YouTube Views so let’s go step by step ..

Install tubebuddy extension on your Google chrome then  go to and then it will ask you to link your channel so link your channel with tubebuddy now just go to search box and search for videos which is related to your new uploading video then you can find some videos on first page if search results (so here I will show one example I am going to upload a video which is related to increasing YouTube views so now we have to search on YouTube for “how to increase YouTube views” then we can see some results)so now open first video then go to below the description box there you can find tubebuddy options so there click in tags and the you can see like these on tags (#1 ,#2,#3 ….) Like this copy which are having “# ” then past them in one text box on your PC then do same with all videos on first page of YouTube search results then copy all tags which you have collected from other ranking videos and now upload your video in your channel then paste all these tags in your video tags section and now give good description to your video and also copy the title of first video which is appeared on YouTube search results and paste to your video now publish your video and see the results in 15 days your video will rank on first page of the search results and also you will get huge views so these us his to use tubebuddy to Increase Youtube Views .
So now I will tell you how to get one more option for using tags with tube buddy so lest go..

How to Use Other Options from Tubebuddy to Increase YouTube Views :

Increase Youtube Views,tubebuddy,tubebuddy tags suggestions.

So there is another option in tubebuddy that is much helpful that is suggested tags when we upload a video then there we can have tags suggestion below the tags box we can see suggested tags click on that and then you can see a box opens like in the above image so from there we can know how much or on which page it is ranking so we can add them to our video tags section and if we use premium then we can get all keywords (tags )if you use free then we can only get 5 keywords(tags) so its better to use premium account so these is ow to Increase YouTube Views with just this simple extension and earn good $$$$ also all the best …


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