There are many ways to rank on google but we should go in a right way if we go in a wrong way we can rank easily and quickly but am sure you will be ranked out much quickly as you ranked but if you are doing event blogging then wrong way may be good because event blog is just for some months but if you want to rank your long term blog then it will harm definitely so always choose a good way so what are those ways and how to rank on google lets check about these in upcoming lines.

How to rank on google Complete Guide

Well to get ranked on google we should consider many things like backlinks,keywords,good content,link building,proper SEO and many more so I have learned many things in my blogging journey and I have applied them on some of my blogs and tested by myself so now am going to share you all the tricks and tips to rank on google in the right way so let’s check what we are going to learn about how to get ranked on google in this article.

Topics will be Covered

  2. SEO TIPS.

So let’s start with how does google rank websites

(Clear information about SEO and tips Full Guide CLICK HERE )

How Does Google Rank Websites

Google uses spider software which will find these below-mentioned qualities to rank a website and also google uses the different algorithm which helps searchers a lot to find the right answer to them that’s why google is a top search engine .

Google Spider Searches :

  1. Long articles (As we all know google loves long articles).
  2. Keywords (Search the keyword which is mentioned by searcher).
  3. Image Tags (Searches keyword in the images).
  4. Backlinks ( Backlinks to the blog and articles ).
  5. Internal Links (How many quality internal links does have for the article).
  6. Good Content (Quality content and also it will see social shares and knows how good is content).

So you should full fill all the above-mentioned topics so let’s learn how to do them properly.

  • LONG ARTICLES : We should write long articles according to google but visitors love short and sweet also quality articles so how ? yes we can so try to explain the reader answer in the first paragraphs only and make the first two paragraphs so special I mean they should love to read remaining paragraphs also by reading first paragraphs only as we know the first impression is best impression and as per google try to explain all the information about the topic in depth so articles will become long and google will love it and also for making articles long don’t add all the trash which make reader irritate and leave your blog.                                                                                                                                Article length should berank on google,google words article,how many words need per article for google

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  • KEYWORDS : So we should gather all the good ranking keywords and include them in your article so we will learn in depth about these in SEO section .
  • IMAGE TAGS :(If you know about this topic then skip it if not read it ) Google can’t read images that we all know so how can google identify that this image is for these topic if they can’t know then how they rank on google these images so for that google uses image alt tags we have to add our main tags (keywords) in the image so google can find that image so for these click on image then you can see a pencil button click on it and then image settings will open there you can find alternative tags so add your tags there.
  • BACKLINKS : We will learn about these in link building topic.
  • INTERNAL LINKS : We will learn about these in link building topic.
  • GOOD CONTENT : As I said in Long Articles we should write good and quality content we should not add all trash which is not related to that topic which your writing and also don’t write the articles unless you know about the topic and by writing the content with images will help readers to understand the topic much better and explain topics with examples so reader can understand the topic easily so as many bloggers say content is king we will also say the same content is king so try to write quality content and good content always increase google search rank so write good content and don’t try to copy others content it will harm you only.


As a blogger you will definitely know about SEO if you don’t know then learn some SEO basic link is mentioned below so SEO plays an important role in ranking a blog or a post on google so to rank in google you should know minimum basics of SEO .After that we will learn how to rank in google by using SEO.


So from the above linked article you can learn SEO tips also so here we have mentioned only about article title.


  • ARTICLE TITLE : We have to find a main keyword for our article for “example we are writing an article about how to build a software without using coding so we have to search the keywords which are mostly searched to know about this topic so you can use Google Adwords tool for this and there you can find the keywords which are most used so select a keyword which is short and have most searches and make it is your main keyword” and now use that keyword in your article title so for example we have found a keyword ” build software ” so we have to include it in our article title so I will show you an example heading used this keyword “How to Build Software Easily” so I have used the keyword in the title so you have to include the keyword in the title and it should be relevant .

This Factors will effect a lot to rank on google so don’t skip it.

How to Get Ranked on Google With KEYWORD RESEARCH


  • KEYWORDS : Keywords is the important thing in the SEO as well as article we have to find high ranking and most searched keywords by the searchers so we should gather all the keywords and then we have to add the in our post and also we should include them in article but not at any place we have to use them properly in the article so how to find high searched keywords ? there are many tools for keyword research but many bloggers prefer Google Adwords and SEMRUSH we also prefer to google Adwords so there you can find the most searched keywords . (For a complete explanation we have an article on keyword research so consider reading that link is provided below).




  • LINK BUILDING : So when we did a post we have to add some post links from our blog only which are related to the same topic of the post or may be an about a word in the post is explained in another post of your blog only. confused ? ok i will explain you with a example ” Now you have written a post on SEO tips so in SEO there will be keywords also so some people doesn’t know about keywords and if you have a post explaining about keywords them you should add that link in the SEO tips post do the people who don’t know about keywords will click on the link give you about keywords which are in your blog only” so this is called internal link building / link building now you got the idea about it if not ask me questions raised for you in the comments section.


  • BACKLINKS : I think many of you know about backlinks so i will tell you how to get backlinks to our article so more backlinks to article that much better you can rank on google so there is a easy method to make backlinks to article that is commenting method so comment on other blog posts which is related to your post and while commenting besure your comment should be look like genuine so write comment as asking doubt and there you can find ” website URL ” box while commenting so in that paste your article links and comment so when the admin of that blog will approve your comment you will get a backlink to your article so do the same with all the competitors and build good amout backlinks but don’t buy the backlinks because googel doesn’t like buyed backlinks.

IF your using YOAST SEO plugin then have a look at this article .

How to Get Green Points For Post Content Analysis Yoast Seo

So by considering and following above mentioned topics you can rank your article / post on the google at the first page also .

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