As a blogger you know about site loading time and also you should know how important is site loading time so how can we decrease site loading time ,So with CDN we can decrease site loading time so there are many cdn service providers so which is best cdn for these question i will say cloudflare cdn is best cdn so How to Setup CloudFlare Free CDN Account and one thing there are many other ways also to decrease site loading time with plugins like WP total cache to remove images and site cache and also by decrease of image size we can speed up site loading time .


So we should know about CDN before going to learn about Cloudflare ,So what is CDN (Content Delivery Network) by the name only you can guess what it is ,Yes you’r right CDN will delivery our site content to another network very fast for example my site server is in United States of America so if any one search for my content from Japan it will take time to get content from USA so site loads slowly in japan so visitor gets irritation and he leaves our site so how to solve it with CDN ha it will store our site content in many places in many servers so my server is in USA so CDN will keep my content in India too and also in many other places so it will become easy and also site loads fast in japan to because India is near to japan so site loads fast so these is what CDN do .Now you got it about CDN so now we will learn about clodflare so cloudflare is a CDN provider and it is best CDN provider now you got it about cloudflare .

How to Setup CloudFlare Free CDN Account

You can see in the image black one is servers and blue is visitor so our content stores in many servers so site loads fast in every country every place.

How to Setup CloudFlare Free CDN Account

Before going to setup Cloudflare account we will see the benefites of CDN ..

  • Make the site loads faster .
  • Distributes the data centers as per the visitor location .
  • Files are Pre-cached .
  • Reduce the server loading time also save the bandwidth .
  • We can analysts site overview .
  • And it is free also there are paid one which offers more then free one.

So now you got it about benefits of using CDN now we will see how to best CDN service provider Cloudflare account setup Click here to go to the cloudflare site.

So before that why cloudflare why not cloudflare alternative because cloudflare is best CDN provider also we can get cloudflare free ssl so we prefer using cloudflare and one thing there are cloudflare hosting also and cloudflare wordpress hosting also which have inbuilt CDN service if you buy hosting in they will provide inbuilt CDN and there are also many wordpress cdn plugin .

So now we will learn How to Setup CloudFlare Free CDN Account so lets begain..


  1. Go to cloudflare site by clicking on above given link and there signup and enter your details like name and mail id then complete email verification .

2. Now add you’r site to cloudflare by entering you’r site URL in the provided box.

3. Now step three it will gather all your DNS check them and if they are correct then click on continue which will be provided if there are many mistakes correct them .

4. Now you have to choose plan There will be four types of plans 1)Free Website 2) Pro Website 3) Business Website 4) Enterprise Website which are costing 0$ , 20$ , 200$ , 5000$ /MONTH .(with free one also you can get SSL ).

5. Last and final step you have to change your name servers and don’t fear of down time you’r site will be UP there will be no downtime while name servers change so if you’r using different domain and hosting provider then may be you have to change IP address also .

Now wait for 1 minute and your site will be successfully added to CLOUDFLARE so these is How to Setup CloudFlare Free CDN Account .

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