Hi friends this is koushil,So friends you want to Start A WordPress Blog that’s a good idea start a blog on WordPress platform will be much good then starting on other platforms (If you want to know about some best platforms then have a look at below the lines)WordPress blog setup is much easy then others and also a person who doesn’t know coding can also work easily with WordPress and we also use WordPress for our all sites and also you people know or doesn’t know that more than 25% of the blogs on the world uses WordPress platform for there blog so let us learn how to get started with wordpress blog in step by step guide.

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Start A WordPress Blog Step By Step Guide

  1. First you need to take a perfect domain for you’r blog and it should be related to you’r blog niche(topic)for example you want to start WordPress blog with technology niche then you’r domain should contain “tech” word surly so that it mean you have you’e niche focus keyword in you’r domain .

    The 5 Best Blogging Platforms To Start A Blog

  2. Second thing and important thing you have to take hosting for you’r WordPress blog and also you can use hosting provided by WordPress it self if you want but we prefer to use other hosting’s and we prefer you to use Bluehost as it has many features and also 99% Up time but we use godady hosting because we doesn’t have money to spend but also godady is also a best hosting provider(Want to compair Godady and Bluehost so check at below link)and also they should have good storage and also security and if you want to have just single blog then go with 1 st plan or if you’r planing to setup 2 or more blog then go with 2 nd plan or 3 rd plan .
  3. Now just install WordPress software after buying Hosting and now the one more main point that is to design you’r site if you want there are many designers you can give you’r blog to them or design you’r blog your self but use a best theme(If you’r niche is about news,reviews,tech,newspaper… then select newspaper theme it is best for a trail look have a look at below link)Design your blog as much as good that you can.

    Newspaper Theme Download Free Themeforest v6.7.1

  4. Fourth step and final step now you have to must install some plugin so for that it will take many line so we have a article for that so have a look at that(link )and also you have to post minimum 3-5 posts daily till you get rank in you’r country and also some tips are provided below so these is how to Start A WordPress Blog so now if you have any doubts then comment and let us know.
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