If your new to blogging world then sure we know that your facing a big problem that is to Increase Blog Traffic so is these a tough job ? No this is not tough if you learn the points which are mentioned below then its very easy so how to Increase Blog Traffic so before going to that i will share my journey and how i accrossed these problem don’t worry i will share just a few points that also just 2-3 points so when i started blogging i used to get 10-20 visitors a day so i want to know the reason and i searched a lot on net so at last i learned many things and then i used to implement them on my blog and after some time i got result so what i did what i have learned now i will share them so lets start this ….

So before that i have to say something about SEO i think you have heard this word before too so SEO(search engine optimization) is an important thing in blogging and which makes our post to rank on first page of the search results of any search engine for example Google so don’t take SEO as a joke and don’t miss any point from the below mentioned points so keep on reading….

Increase Blog Traffic With SEO

  1. First thing in increase blog traffic free with SEO .

SEO is the most important thing in blogging or else you can also say in ranking also in getting traffic to your blog so there are many types of seo’s two of them are ON page seo and OFF page seo so we should highly concentrate on both of these if we success in implementing these both then sure your blog is going to rank good but there are many other things also like DA and PA back links etc.. we should also concentrate on them too..

2. Social Media Help in Increase Blog Traffic .

Social media is not a silly thing so don’t take it simply it will help us huge in the starting stage also after starting stage so as we know social media is used by many people now a days and many people are being online for a large time on social media so if we share our posts in social media then we can Increase Blog Traffic and there are many ways to promote our blog or a post to get viral our post so how to do that so social media like Facebook and Twitter will promote our blog / post with camping so we have to choose plan and pay so that our post will be promoted on social media so it will reach huge people as now a days technology is developed a lot social media promoting options are also developed there are huge useful options so with these we can make advertise of our blog / post with less cost and get huge traffic so people will remember us if we wrote useful content and they become our daily visitor so traffic increases .

3. Choose Best Theme Which is SEO Optimized .

Yep,Choosing a good theme and also that too seo optimized is a tough job but it will help us a lot if we use seo optimized theme then our blog can be indexed fast and also search engines will find us and many more useful things and site loading time is main thing and it also depends on theme too if we use simple good seo optimized theme our site also loads fast and visitor doesn’t get irritated and also good font is important if reader doesn’t get the word which you wrote then he may leave your blog which leads to increase in bounce rate and also leads to decrease in traffic so use best seo optimized theme .

4. Keyword Research Getting Good and High Volume Keywords

Gathering good high volume keyword and doing keyword research is most important thing so when you think of writing a post on any topic first gather good keywords then start so how to find keywords we have an article you can refer that link is given below so here are some TIPS for keyword research so type your keyword in google and you can see suggestions from google so use them as keywords and also below then page you can find related keywords by google use them too so these is our tip.

5 . Last Thing But Important Thing Copying Content .

Yes, I think many of you were copying content from other blogs so i will say stop this because it is not good thing google is so intelligent you can’t cheat google .If google find that your copying others content then they will not index your post so no use of copying others content and some blogs will have DCMA copyright protection like our site we have DCMA which protects our site from copying content if you copy content from blogs which have DCMA protection then your site / blog will be banned and do you know that if google finds that your copying content then they will ban your AdSense first if your a AdSense publisher so don’t copy others hard work .

So last thing if you were focusing on ALEXA rank then you should leave it if your niche(topic) of your blog is about tech,education,entertainment etc… other than Mobiles ,Phones,Gadgets etc.. because ALEXA rank is only important for the Gadgets reviewing blogs to get Gadgets from company’s not for all other bloggers..

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