It is a tough job to Invite All Our Facebook Friends to like our page and if we have a number of friends the invite all friends to like page is really a tough job and I tough that if Facebook invite all friends then it will be really amazing but Facebook not going to do that so i have searched for a better way so at last i have found two simple ways to invite all friends to like a page with a single click.

So i will explain you the easy way to invite all friends to Facebook page so well those two steps are : 1) By Code 2) With extension .I think extension will be better than code so i will explain How To Invite All Friends on Facebook in One Click with extension so lets move..

How To Invite All Our Facebook Friends in Single click?

Here i will explain you all the steps in a neat way and without stepping single step so go on reading these article…

FOR THESE YOU NEED : Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox .

  • Go to Extensions in your browser and go to install extensions.
  • Now Type these “Invite All Friends on Facebook” in search box.
  • Then install that extension (NOTE : NOT APP INSTALL EXTENSION)

Now go to your Facebook account and go to the page where you want to invite all friends to like a page and now click on suggest friends to like this page now at right side of the chrome you can find a tick mark which is extension (you can refer below image)just click on that tick mark.

Invite All Our Facebook Friends,facebook invite all

Now wait for some time till these extension will invite all friends to like page.

Invite All Our Facebook Friends,Invite All Our Facebook Friends

Now it will send invitations to all your Facebook friends who are in your account.

Invite All Our Facebook Friends,facebook invite all

Now all invitations were successfully sent hurrah !!

I hope this method will defiantly likes by you and it will be easy method when i started using these extension really i felled awesome because i doesn’t have to send Invite All Our Facebook Friends and waste some hours so with these extension i got a easy way and saved many hours .. Hope these will help you much more and save your time too..

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