Hi friends i am koushil ,So i will explain you about Keyword Research in easy and simple way so for that i will go in steps wise so lets begin …

what is keyword research and How It Helps us

So friends i will say these in simple steps so when you want something to know then you will use some search engines like google,so the words which you type to get your result they are called keywords for an example i want to search about “How to feed fishes in right way” so in these main thing is “feed fishes”right so these is called keyword and many people will search differently but it will contain the same word “feed fishes”so some people will also search like this “How to be fishes feed which is right way”so here used main keyword is “fishes feed” so some difference is there between those two words people search’s with many words so how to find all those words ?YA that is called Keyword Research i think now you got what is what is keyword research in seo ,seo because keyword researching is related to seo.

Keyword Research,seo keyword research tool.


How to do keyword research for seo

So if we have a look on how to do keyword researching then there are many ways to get good keywords and i will say about all good ways so lets start with google adwords.

1. Google Adwords

we have a whole article on google adwords keyword search so have a look at that so i am skiping that one here here below i have mentioned the link.

2. Semrush

Semrush keyword research tool is also a best tool for keyword research and it has many options so how to work with semrush in finding right keywords for our post so let us see ..

Keyword Research,semrush keyword research tool.semrush.

First go to you’r semrush account if you don’t have an account in semrush don’t worry now sing up for an account its for free to sing up but for better results upgrade to pro ,so there in left side you can have keyword analysis go to it and then enter you’r post heading there and press enter then you can have many keywords there which are used most and also you can have a complete review about the keyword there with CPC and many more… So copy all those keywords and past in your article keywords.

3. MOZ

Moz keyword research tool is the best tool which we used and it is same like semrush so here we go how to do Keyword Research on moz , so first go to moz keyword research tool and enter you’r post heading or main keyword then press enter and then you will get many keywords select good keywords from them and use them in you’r post so for more information have a look at a full review about moz.

Keyword Research,moz,moz keyword research tool.

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