We can’t Learn Seo for free if you then they will just tell you some points which are well known to all or many people will ask you money to teach SEO (search engine optimization) because it is important to know about SEO if you want to blog so learning SEO is important but we can’t pay money for it as a beginner we don’t want to spend money without earnings this is not only your taught but also all newbies taught is same so how ? yes we can learn many things from google so we can also learn SEO but many people post articles which will tell you just some tips and some SEO basics but you can’t find learn useful points but now we are going to cover many points in SEO but we also can’t can’t teach you much about SEO but sure you will learn many points about SEO which you can’t learn from many other blogs so here we go.


  1. What is SEO?
  2. How SEO is useful.
  3. How SEO works.
  4. Learn SEO.
  5. How to do proper SEO to our articles to rank well.
  6. What Factors we should consider in SEO.

As I know you have started blogging just some days or months ago but you’re not getting any success am I right yes that’s because of SEO yes have you heard about Seo ever if you need success you need to know and Learn Seo and also some other things but SEO is main ok I will teach you about SEO and also I will teach you that how does SEO  work to increase your organic searches and increase visitors to your blog.

Before that, I want to tell you something that it is not easy to get the good amount of visitors and also earning money but if you work hard then you can achieve success in this field.

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What is Search Engine Optimization ?

I will teach you step by step ok friends .Now I think by seeing the above picture you can know the full form of SEO but let me tell you the full form again SEO means (Search engine optimization) .I think you got an idea about this SEO by its full form yes you’re right by seeing it’s full form we can know that it makes our website or blog or a post to optimize mean to make visible /get our blog on search engines like Google, Bing etc.. And it makes our post to rank on search engines at good level if we do proper SEO to our article then we can rank on top or on 1 st page of search engines like google.

I want to tell you an example “when you search for something on the internet then you will open first three links or last three links and which page you prefer first page or second page or any other pages or any other ? ask yourself once. Yes, the answer will be the Only first link which is on the first page or maybe second page when we don’t get the answer to our question on the first page” .So according to these, we can get an idea hmm. Yes, people will always prefer first link and that too which is on the first page so according to this if we want to get huge visitors and want to earn we should rank on top of google so for this SEO will be much helpful to get us on the first page” so now you have learned what is SEO and how SEO is useful .So Learn Seo to rank your articles on the first page of search engines .

How To Rank #1 On Google Search


How To Learn Seo Easily ? And HOW TO DO SEO To Our Post?

Ya friends so I think you got an idea about SEO .So let’s start how to do Seo and also I will tell you some Seo Tips .

There are many types of SEO like Onsite SEO and Offsite SEO.

Learn Seo

Now watch the above picture carefully .There are some steps in SEO and also there also some tools called SEO tools which are much use full in SEO so I will tell you how to do that steps successfully these are the steps to do so correctly to an article to rank .

How to do Proper SEO to our articles

I WILL TEACH YOU STEP BY STEP “HOW TO DO SEO“.But I will not follow the picture wise ok friends because I want to tell you in easily understanding method ok.

  1. Research and Analysis

The first thing you should have minimum knowledge about the topic which you want to write so research and analysis the topic much and much by reading on the internet and then start your article .

2.Identifying Keyword Opportunities

Second step you need to gather keywords don’t confuse keywords are also called as tags ok you can gather keywords with the most popular keyword Research tools one of them is Google Adwords and also there are many other but I prefer Google Adwords if you don’t know how to use Google Adwords so don’t worry we have a post and also video check below.

How to Use The Google AdWords Keyword Tool


If you really want to become a good blogger and earn some money don’t copy others content write your own content and write good content and write content for people who need it but not for search engines and I will tell you why we should not copy others content . Do you know that Google will search for the quality and good content not for copied content so you should not copy other’s google will not bring you to the top of the search results if you do these and not only google but also many other search engines also will not rank you .


This is the main thing guys so read carefully HEADING is one of the most important things in SEO you should get a good heading you can use SEO tools for these you can find good heading on net in some sites we have a post on it see below.


So link building is also an important factor in search engine optimization in order to rank an article so build more links to your blog and also the article to rank at a good place and also building backlinks will help you a lot so build them as you can.

How To Get High Quality Backlinks To You’r Blog

SO, Friends, these are the basic SEO and SEO tips read the next post to learn next step SEO this is just basic SEO, ok friends .

How To Rank #1 On Google Search Using Seo

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WE HOPE YOU GOT SOME IDEA AND ALSO LEARNED WHAT IS SEO AND HOW TO DO THAT AND How SEO is useful .If you like our article then subscribe to us for latest updates thank you for reading these article and spending time for it.

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