Newspaper Theme Download Free we can’t find these we should try for a long time to free download newspaper theme and here we got these theme for free but for the activation you need to buy these theme this is only for the example of fully activated theme for a while so let’s see the features of these newspaper theme .

Newspaper Theme Download Free

If you’r site niche is about news , newspaper,technology, or reviews site then it will be much help full and good design for you’r site it doesn’t need any type of codes and also it already has bb press and many other plugins already in built you can do theme download from the link given at the end just click on that link and you’r download will start and now lets see some other amazing features of these theme.

And i too use newspaper theme for my site it has many options and also it is seo friendly theme there are many other seo friendly themes but it is best for news,newspaper and more above mentioned niches and also it has video support you can keep videos in our article for more detailed view for reader without any plugin or coding it’s easy and it is easy to edit many things in these newspaper theme easy to edit layout and also it has 3 layouts and many designs so get it now.

How to install Newspaper Theme

Guys sure read this because it is not like all install’s it is somewhat difference follow my steps to install the newspaper theme which is freely theme download here not which are downloaded from other sites.

Step by step :

  1. Download the theme from the link given below.
  2. Now you have to extract it and inside of the file you can find one more file named Newspaper upload this file not the outer whole file.
  3. Now go to you’r WordPress panel and go to upload theme.
  4. Now upload you’r theme and install it.

That’s it now you have successfully installed you’r theme now theme download from Here click here .

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