When I write a post always it will be a big problem with images because of their size it will make our site slow and also post loads very slowly and the visitor gets irritated and leaves our blog and he doesn’t want to visit our site once again and if the visitor uses 2g then am sure he definitely doesn’t visit our blog so to prevent these we need to compressor the images with Online Image Compressor or offline image compressor .

we can use plugins for these but by installing many plugins our blog may slow down so instead of that we can use online photo compressor and we can compress it .


I know many will think instead of all these if we don’t use any images it will be good but that’s wrong because the article without image will be like a king without people in a kingdom so use at least one image as per SEO also it is important to use at least single image so how to speed up our site yes by using Online Image Compressor we can compress our article images and speed up our site.

So we have gathered top 4 free and best Online Image Compressor which are really awesome from a long time we are using them so now we want to share them with you guys.

Best Online Image Compressor For All Types of Images

I have searched for many days and at last, I found four best Image Compressors so here they are so let’s have a quick review on them .

  1.  compressor.io

Online Image Compressor

First, go to the site and then there you can see ” Select File ” just click on that and select your image which you want to compress either it may be jpeg or png images you can compress this is best online image compressor without quality loss so we can get exact quality but in less size but if you want to convert any other types of file either than jpeg or png you may lose quality but image will be compressed.

To visit the compressor.io site CLICK HERE.

2. Compress jpeg

Online Image Compressor

So here is our second best jpeg image compressor online free but can compress jpeg also png images or png files and also which are in the form of PDF and here we can upload 20 images at a time and compress them and also can download all at a time or separately and also here we can resize image online without quality loss so it is best and also free to use so after visiting this site just click on ” select files ” and upload them and compress .

To visit this Compress jpeg site CLICK HERE.

3. Optimizilla

Online Image Compressor

Here is the third most amazing Online Image Compressor so here we can compress any type of image and it is somewhat same as compress jpeg so now how to compress image by using these site I will tell you just visit site and click on ” upload files ” and upload them and compress and download that’s easy and it is also free.


To visit this Optimizilla site CLICK HERE.

4. jpeg-optimizer

Online Image Compressor,jpeg-optimizer

So these is our last but not least Online Image Compressor site which we can compress pictures and we can select their sizes so now we will see how to use it go to the site and then upload images and then select the size (compress level) it will be from 0-99 and also we can resize image online for these just click on resize image and select pixels and then at last click on ” optimize image” and wait for some seconds and your images compressed now you can download them.

To visit this jpeg-optimizer site CLICK HERE.

So these are all about best Online Image Compressor if we miss any best compressor and you know that then please let us know by comment thanks for reading.


  1. Hi Koushil,
    its very helpful post for me. I never ever thought about it. That’s why my blog speed is slow. But now i will use this after reading your post. Thanks for sharing a wonderful articles.