Google has introduced Page-level Ads yesterday as we all know that most of the searches will be from mobile devices but google ads will not be much mobile friendly so in the way to increase there revenue google started these new type of ads called google page level ads which will display ads on mobile screen like a pop-up and banner ads so with this google revenue will increase and also bloggers also get good clicks and revenue.

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How to earn more with google Page-level Ads

These new google page level ads will be much help full for us to increase our revenue so as we know that ads should be limited for a page and post that is only 3 ads per post or page so for these page level ads it will not counted so after keeping 3 ads also we can use these page level ads so we don’t have to worry about these.

So how we can earn more with these google Page-level Ads yes as these ads are for mobile then these Page-level Ads designed as two types one is overlay ads and another is Vignette ads .so i will tell about these after completing this so these ads will be on below at the bottom of the screen as in the photo below and one will cover whole screen so by these we can get clicks from mobiles also as many visitors uses mobiles so these will be much help full to us bloggers to get good revenue and with this plus we have our 3 other ads also on our page so we can get clicks easily and we can earn good thanks for these Page-level Ads .

So lets see about Anchor ads and overlay ads .

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Anchor adsoverlay ads

These ads will display at the bottom of the mobile screen it will run till the user click on dismiss the ad button .

Page-level Ads

Vignette ads


These ads are full screen ads which will display on the full screen of the mobile ad you can see in the blow image and the good thing is these will be displayed while a visitor leaving the page rather then when entering the page if it was displaced when a visitor entering in to our page then these may make visitor to stop visiting the page so these is much good.


Yes, So these is not just in a click we have to paste the code in the page where we want to display Page-level Ads but it will not automatically Appear in all the pages so how to activate this so these is same as we put code in the post so let we see how to do that .

Page-level Ads

I think you got a message like this when you open you’r adsense account .

So let me say step-by-step

Step 1 : Go to navigate > content > at the left you can see Page-level Ads .

Step 2    :  Now you have to activate the two types of ads Anchor ads and Vignette ads .

Step 3    : Then after doing that you can find a button “GET CODE” click on that.

Step 4    :  Now copy that code it will be like these

<script async src=”//”></script>
(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({
google_ad_client: “Publisher ID“,
enable_page_level_ads: true

copy the whole code.

Step 5   :  Now paste the code in the page where you need to show ads you have to paste these code in the middle of <HEAD>CODE COMES HERE </HEAD> in the page / post .

And its done for showing mobile ads it will take some time if you want to see how it looks then in you site URL at last type #googleads that’s it .


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