As a blogger we earn from advertisements and affiliate also some other sources like direct advertisements so now-a-days many peoples are using Ad blocker’s so ads will not display to them so what is the main reason people using these ad blocker’s because of the ads site loads slowly so if ads are blocked the site loads fast and also some people doesn’t want to see ads so they use ad blockers and also now a days many apps are coming to stop displaying ads so we bloggers loose huge earnings so how to Stop Adblocker on our site so that we can earn money so for these there are many options so lets see them ..

How to Show Stop Adblocker Popup Message

So we can show a popup message to the visitor to Stop Adblocker in our site so that visitor will stop using adblocker and also we can add our site to white list which mean our site is safe to display ads and adblocker will not stop displaying ads so that we can earn so what are the ways to Stop Adblocker to our site so there are many ways lets see them..

There are many plugins on these so you can choose a good one and install in you’r site so that you can show Stop Adblocker and make or add you’r site to white list message so how it looks well we have added a picture below so watch it and also we have a video on it you can view that video at below of these post and picture below these lines ….

Stop Adblocker

So which is the best plugin for these well we say to use simple ad block notice plugin click here to download it .

Now the second way is that we can also have these message code and we can show popup message if we doesn’t want to use the plugin to show the popup message …

So these is how to prevent/ Stop Adblocker for our site and earn more for latest updates subscribe to us and stay tuned ..THANK YOU FOR READING .

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