Have you built an app? so have you published it ? No,then Amazon App Store is the perfect place to submit your app and it’s absolutely free of cost but when we try to submit app to play store is a little bit cost about 25$(2500 INR) so if you don’t want to pay then start with amazon android app store because it’s free.

How to Submit App to Amazon App Store

So many people want to submit their app to google play store as it is popular and all android devices will have google play store so if we submit our app there we will get popular very soon compared to amazon but google cost to submit our app to their play store where amazon doesn’t cost.

So in these guide, I will cover all the things from singing up to amazon app store till end submitting your app with images and examples so let’s began .

Complete Guide To Submit an Android app To The Amazon App Store

First, go to this link then sign up and create an amazon developer account there if you already have an account sing in there so here you can also monetize your app with the amazon app store ads or your personal ads like AdSense so be careful at payments setting page .

There will be three steps in sing in up process so let’s see them :

1.Profile Information.

2.App Distribution Agreement.


So finish all the above-mentioned things so be careful at payments page as I told earlier so after all click on submit button and fill up all tax information .

So after that, they will take you to their console page if not click here.

Then go to apps and services then click on add a new app.

Amazon App Store,add an app to amazon app store

Select android option as shown in the above picture after that follow my steps…

In the form fill up your app name and leave app sku then fill your category and then add customer support contact,mail,website,and phone then click on submite button.

Now you have to upload your app images and screen shots so they will mension the images sizes so follow them and upload images and also upload a small video too then click save so complete all other sectors also as same .

sectors : General information,Avalibility and pricing,Discription,Images and multimedia,Content rating,at last, binary files.

That’s it so now click on subbmite button and your app is submitted so they will send you a mail check it for further details.

What is Binary Files in Amazon App Store While App Submitting

So i know you have got a doubt that what is binary files so it is nothing but your android application?(app) just upload it and then submit your file to amazon app developer center.

So these is how to submit an Android app To The Amazon App Store so if you have any doubts contact amazon app developer center at HERE so thanks for reading share our article on your social media accounts and help us to grow .