Facebook has introduced their new feature that is Temporary Profile Picture Facebook first tried these feature then they have introduced these feature so many people doesn’t know how to use these feature so now I will show how to use these Temporary Profile Picture feature Facebook has not implemented these feature in very famous FB lite app so the people who are using FB lite can’t use these temporary profile picture feature but the people who are using PC (Computer) and FB app can use these feature. So now I will tell you how to use these feature from Mobile and also from the computer so let’s go.

Adding Temporary Profile Picture Facebook From Computer

So first I will show you how to add a temporary profile picture on facebook from your computer step by step.

First, step login into your facebook profile and go to your profile then click on your profile picture there and then you can see some options so now click on change profile picture.

Now select a picture to which you want to change your profile picture and then upload it now you can see a window as shown in the below picture.

Temporary Profile Picture Facebook

Now you can see “MAKE TEMPORARY” word at the left side below as you can see in the above image also so click on that then you can see timings (1 hr, 1 day, 1 week etc…)so select your time and then click on save.

Temporary Profile Picture Facebook,upload profile pic

Congrats! its done now your profile picture changes back to your original profile picture after the time you have set while uploading so now let’s see how to do the same process from your android mobile.

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How To Add a Temporary Profile Picture From Android:

1 First, go to your profile and tap on your profile picture .

2 Tap on Upload Photo to upload a photo from your library .

3 Now click on options you can see these option on the left side and then select “MAKE TEMPARORY” .

4 Now select the time when you want to expire your temporary profile picture .

5 Now just crop your profile picture if you want or else click on done .

That’s it now you have successfully kept Temporary Profile Picture Facebook .

How To Add a Temporary Profile Picture From iPhone:

1 Go to your profile and then click on your profile picture .

2 Now tap on upload profile picture and now select the picture which you want to upload.

3 Now select “MAKE TEMPARORY” option and select the time when and up to when you want to keep it as your profile picture and then click on use.

Ans it’s done congrats! you have set your Temporary Profile Picture Facebook .

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