One of the important thing in the blogging industry is SEO and when we write an articles then they must be SEO-Optimized Articles for better results so when we write a SEO-Optimized post then we will sure rank at good place and we get huge traffic too there are other things too which we should consider like keywords but we have an full post on keywords you can read there so for writing fully SEO-Optimized Posts we need to consider some points so now in these article i will tell you what things we should consider and how they will effect in getting good traffic so lets begin..

SEO-Optimized Articles Steps to Consider

The main thing and the first thing while writing an SEO-Optimized posts is Heading ,Yes it is important and we should use our Focus  / main keyword in the heading and you should use H1,H2 and H3 headings also and we should use our keywords in them also so as we know that seo-Optimized themes will consider our post heading as H1 tag so better to start with H2 tags .

So you know or don’t know that there are two types of headings lets check what are they.

  • TITLE HEADING => Heading of the article  / post (which is shown in the post not in the search results)
  • META TITLE       =>  Which is consider by search engine and also which is shown on the search results .


As i know many newbie bloggers will leave it blankly it is not good in the view of making SEO-Optimized Articles meta description will tell about the content of your post it is consider by search engines also and it is main to search engines to index your post so fill it and don’t fill it just like trash use your keywords in meta description and also write meta description as it should reflect your content so don’t leave it blankly .


Do you know that search engines like GOOGLE can’t read images so how they will indexed so there is a way as they can’t read images they will look at image alt tags we have a complete article on it if you don’t know about image alt tags and we have to use our keywords in alt tags and one thing don’t name them as image 0001 or any other we will take a example so we have a pic of AdSense dashboard screen shot then we have to name it as AdSense Dashboard not like any image 001 or 002 etc…

So if your using YOAST SEO plugin then you can know how to make your post fully seo optimized by looking at this simple article you can know much more just go through it ..

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