We know many mobile companies which are famous and have huge sailing in Indian like Samsung,Nokia,Microsoft wtc.. but what about Indian Mobile Companies how many Indian companies do you know which manufacture mobiles I think two or three right ? Yes why because many Indian mobile companies doesn’t manufacture smartphones or failed in marketing but now many companies are coming to known and growing very fast as our Indian government started ” Make in India ” program so now let us see some of the brand Indian Mobile Companies which you may think china companies but actual Indian companies .

Top 5 Best Indian Mobile Companies Ever

So lets start from well know very fast growing company that is Micromax fewer people know about these company but now many people know these company after “Make in India” programme and also this company is launching many smartphones and their canvas series got a huge success and also this year and previous year they got a huge sales and their company has grown well and now it is one of the top most mobile company in India.


Micromax-canvas-knight-in-Black-color,Indian Mobile Companies

Micromax is one of the largest mobile company in India which manufactures mobiles , tablets ,televisions  and data cards Micromax is located in India at  Gurgaon , Haryana .And also it has their offices in Hong Kong and Dubai it is the biggest seller in India as an Indian company.

2) I – BALL

I think many of you doesn’t know about these brand and also some people haven’t heard about these company or may be named also but it’s an Indian mobile company but also these company manufactures many other products too for example computer products and home needs and many other products .

iBall-Slide-7271-HD70,Indian Mobile Companies

Source : gogi.in

I – Ball is one of the Indian mobile brands . I – Ball company develops mobiles , tablets , and also computer peripherals .I – BALL is located in India at Mumbai,Maharashtra.

3)Karbonn Mobiles

These is famous mobile company in India but many people think that it is a china mobile company but it is one of the Indian mobile brands and this Karbonn is famous for keypad mobiles as they get for cheap price and also they are best mobiles have good battery life and also we will get camera option for a cheap price and also we have SD option also so many people who prefer to use keypad mobile will use Karbonn mobiles.

Karbonn-A7-Mobile-phone,Indian Mobile Companies

Karbonn mobile company is one of the Biggest Indian mobile companies. Their Headquarters located at Bangalore and Noida .many people think that Karbonn is a not an Indian company BUT it is an Indian company .


Many people don’t know about these brand or the people who know about these brand think that it is a china mobile company but bad luck is that we can’t get this mobile parts in the market easily .

Indian Mobile Companies,spice telecom,spice mobile

Spice telecom is a service provider but also a mobile company it is one of the Indian mobile brands they will manufacture GSM and Dual sim mobiles and offers at the low price and also it is the best mobile seller .


Lava mobile it is also fastest growing company of India and after Micromax, it is leading in the market and also these company is also launching many smartphones in India and also this mobile is coming with many features for a less price.

lavairisbudgetphones,Indian Mobile Companies

Lava mobiles it is now growing fast in India and selling a large wide in India after Micromax it is the second most selling mobiles .

Now let’s have a look at the selling percentages of mobiles in 2014 and in 2015 .

Selling Percentages of Mobiles Company’s in India

It is the pie – chart of large selling mobile company’s 2014

Indian Mobile Companies,indian mobile companies pie chart

It is of 2015 analysis in pie chart

Indian Mobile Companies