In today’s world, social media play a key role in our life. Knowing more friends through this platform is not bad. At some times social media sites may be used as a tool to get a bit extra knowledge of the world. There are many social networking sites which one can use. But in this article, I am going to write about Top Social Networking Sites .Stay connected until the end and find your favorite app.

what is social media

So lets divided these Social media in to two parts “social” and “media” so let’s define them now.

The part “SOCIAL” refers : The information sharing with other people and reciveing information from them.

The part”MEDIA” refer : The instrument of communications like internet , newspaper , raio and many more .

So  these two parts together are defined as : A web based communications tool which enable people to share the news and many more and also reciveing the information .

Top Social Networking Sites List


social networking sites

This is another social networking app that is good. It is created by Mark Zuckerberg at least 13 years ago. This online app is fun to use with great features. All you have to do is sign up with your e-mail account or mobile number create a password for it and it is ready to go to take a ride in the social networking world. After that, you have to add the people you know to your friend list by sending them a friend request if they accept it then you are friends with them. You can change your profile picture and may more things that you can do. So don’t wait just sign up for a new account and get going.

2) YouTube:-

social networking sites

YouTube an online social networking app that has proved its ability to the users using it. You can share videos with the world and get benefitted by watching other videos. It is a mini globe where you can get connected with the world. Also, you can do live to stream through it. Just open your computer and get started by making a channel.


social networking sites

In my list, Twitter will be the app that will stand on number one. This online social networking site is used and loved by millions of people worldwide since 9 years. It has to be discovered or created by Jack Dorsey , Noah Glass, Biz Stone,Evan Williams and to name a few. It has many exciting features like you can follow your favorite personality like a celebrity,politician,sportsperson,etc. You can follow others and also you get followers if some person follows you. This will enable you to see the tweets of the persons to whom you are following and your tweets will be visible to your followers. All you have to do is just create a twitter account and get started with these amazing features. Other than this there are much more which you will understand when you start using it.

4) Pinterest :-social networking sites

It is a great social networking app and social networking sites that help you to save creative ideas. You can save or “pin” the images that you like and use them again where you want. You can pin the images and add a note to them that may remind you why you have pinned it. You can go to Pinterest and connect it with facebook or twitter or by just signing through your email id. You can connect Pinterest account through facebook or twitter this will allow your facebook or twitter details like your followers to get known by Pinterest. So don’t think more just connect to it and get started.

5) Google+ :-

social networking sites

You need to create an account as you do for other social networking sites. Then fill up your personal information like you profile photo,job profile,cover photo and much more. You need to create a circle which will consist your friends or pages that you like. Once you are done with creating a circle you can share any information with that specific circle. What I have discussed now is just one feature like this there are many more features.

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