How to find Websites and Domains owned by a Person or the domain owned by whom ya many of them have these doubt.Some people want to know he friends or some bady else owns how many Websites and Domains and also what domains owned by a Person its common so now we are revealing that thing… So lets move…

Find Websites and Domains owned by a Person?

So we will go step by step before that what information we need to collect so we have to collect that person’s mail id for these you can find out on internet by just going to his website and go to contact us or about us page and there you can find that mail id( if he keept)if not try on google type his blog name or mobile number if you know or you can also find by any site… So collect them then follow my steps..


  1. GO to then enter his mail id .                                                                   Websites and Domains owned by a Person
  2. If you doesn’t find his mail id then go to there at WHO IS section you can find his/her mail id .
  3. Now enter his mail id in the search box then press enter.(as you can see in the above picture).                                                                                                                           Websites and Domains owned by a Person
  4. Now you can see Websites and Domains owned by a Person .

How to Find Some one’s Mail Id (Blogger)

  1. Go to then enter his domain name.
  2. Now you can see a review of the site there at bottom right side you can find WHI IS.
  3. Go to that and click on see more there you can find like this:Regestried email”There you can find his mail id.

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