What are Alt Tags How to Use Alt Tags Seo Sen have you ever uploaded a image to you’r wordpress blog ya so i will tell you an example to quick understand the topic so as a blogger i think you know about seo so we will write an article and we will do seo to that ok this is all right very good so while doing seo we will add some keywords to the post to identify the post or to tell the search engines that these post belongs to these topic but but you know that search engines can’t read images so how it is waste to upload images ? No we can do seo to images also by image alt tag so for these we need to know how search engines will read images and how search engines will index and find out us so lets get started.

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What are Alt Tags How to Use Alt Tags Seo

So friends before knowing about html alt tag and html image tag i will tell you how search engines will find you’r page and how images are indexed and also how to use alt tag so lets get started.

Getting bore reading these post but don’t skip or leave because i am going to tell you many things about What are Alt Tags How to Use Alt Tags Seo ok.

So friends search engines like Google are started a new method in 2009 they are started Useing spider’s for searching there systems don’t think that spider mean inset in search engine spider is a software it will work as spider’s so them named these software as spider so when we search for a thing on internet then these software starts working these software will go through the search engine database and they will search for the same keywords which are used by searcher and then from those it will find some millions of pages in which the keywords are used much more and also which pages are having good content only those are taken by google and with in seconds these all processes will be completed and shown to us so these is how search engines will find our site.

What are Alt Tags How to Use Alt Tags Seo,image alt tag,html alt tag.

OK so now we got understand that how search engines will work so what about images how they will read them these spider software will read the image alt tag they can’t read images so they will read alternative tag of the image.

how to use alt tag

So lets see how to use alt tag and how to do image seo and one thing html alt tag and image alt tag are same so lets see how to do this step-by-step.

This is a example of these post so when we upload a image we can see like this now click on that image and select edit .

What are Alt Tags How to Use Alt Tags Seo

Now you can see a window like this called image alt tag .

What are Alt Tags How to Use Alt Tags Seo,alt atg.

Now in the alt tag section past you’r keywords (If you want to learn about keywords and from where we can get high searched keywords see the link below the passage) and post title .This will help to google to index and read you’r images so that we will get 1% – 3% .When we search on google images we can find these images  thee will be seo friendly.

So these is what image and html alt tags for more information have a look at our other posts.