Hi friends recently on my Facebook account in a group i saw a question and the question i have sawed many times on face book that is” What Is Blogging Actually ” and also         ” How We Can Earn From Blog ” But i sawed comments for that post and i saw nothing no comments and i know that’s why ? Because many of the bloggers who are pro in blogging will think that it is a simple question it can be view on Google but the actual thing is what we can’t find the write answer easily so here i am answering all that questions.

What Is Blogging Actually

Blogging is what you write and in which you have much interest ok i will explain with a example “I have interest in technology so i will start a blog and write the posts on technology because i love technology and i know many things about it so i will write posts on it for those people who doesn’t know a topic about technology” it is a simple example so turning your interest in to passion is called blogging.

So i think now you got it What Is Blogging Actually and who are bloggers .So now..

how we can earn from blog

Yes,We have many ways to earn from our blog by placing ads on our blog .I think many of you thinks that there is only one thing to earn money that is adsense but you’r wrong there are many ways to earn money from you’r blog by placing ads but we should prefer adsense first then all other ways how we can earn from blog is not only with adsense there are many other like ..

  • Infolinks – which is same as adsense
  • Chitka ads .
  • Affiliates .
  • Reviewing gadgets for a company .
  • Shortening the URL’s

And many more so don’t think that only adsense is a way to earn money and if you only work with adsense then you can’t earn much more money so work with all other ways also.

what is wordpress

I think you have heard about wordpress . WordPress is a platform where we can install our blog in simple words to create a blog and there are many other platforms also like blogger from google its for free but wordpress is paid one which needs to take hosting and also a domain .But we prefer WordPress to use because it has many features a person who doesn’t know coding also can work as a blogger so use wordpress .

how to install wordpress

Ok after buying hosting and domain all will have a main problem that how to install wordpress it is a simple thing but when we doesn’t know it will be big deal to us .So i will tell you how to install wordpress in before days it is a big deal to install wordpress because we have to download software and we have to upload in our hosting provider and install it but now it is easy to install all hosting provider’s are now providing wordpress because it is now a popular and easy way to install our blog and it is also easy to use .

Steps to install wordpress

  1. Login to you’r hosting provider’s account.
  2. Go to hosting tab in you’r account.
  3. Now there you can see hosting which you have buyed.
  4. Click on that and select the installer mean software as wordpress.
  5. Now clikc on install that’s it you have installed wordpress successfully wordpress.

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What Is Blogging Actually