Have you used E-mail ? I think yes as now-a-days it is common many people are using E-mail to send mails so have you ever wondered about this E-mail system and did you ever thought Who is The Inventor of Email ?

Who is The Inventor of Email

Then you have to know about these thing so E-mail mean Electronic Mail actually it was invented by a 14 years old boy named VA Shiva Ayyadurai .Yes by listening the name only we can guess that he is Indian so these E-mail was invented by him to communicate with each other within seconds so where did this intelligent was born He born in Tamil Nadu and lived in Bombay(Mumbai).So later in 1978 he left to U.S with his family and when ,he was 14 years aged he developed a full-scale emulation of the interoffice which was named as “E-mail”.

VA Shiva Ayyadurai ,

                            (IMAGE OF VA Shiva Ayyadurai )

U.S Government Officially Recognized VA Shiva Ayyadurai as The Inventor of Email

The Inventor of Email,Email inventor certificate,copyright email

Who Invented the E-mail Ray Tomlinson | VA Shiva Ayyadurai

The man who invented email Ray Tomlinson (or) VA Shiva Ayyadurai is a big confusion but U.S government has recognized VA Shiva as the inventor of Email and the above certificate is a copyright Email certificate whats ever but all the News papers like Times of India has published that VA Shiva is the inventor of Email and the details and all those things also proves that VA Shiva is the inventor of Email.

Tomlinson  :  There were many news stories on Tomlinson as”that he invented a method by which people can send messages from one computer another computer users on the other servers.

what year was email invented

As a high school student VA Shiva invented it in 1979 and copyrighted in 1982 .

So these is about the invention of email so now you have known that who invented E-Mail.

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