We all know that YouTube is second biggest and most searched search engine and it is for videos and probably a huge number of videos will be uploaded daily so how to rank our video in youtube ? If you’re also a blogger then you should know about Backlinks so to rank an article we need good Backlinks to our article and also some other factors so in the same way youtube also need backlinks for youtube videos to rank them and also some other factors.

So with backlinks we also need good ranking keywords so for that you need to learn youtube SEO so now I will explain to you how to rank a video in youtube .

Before starting these I want to show you the proof that how I ranked my videos using these tricks so first check them and then follow my steps .

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  3. LINK BUILDING / Backlinks for Youtube Videos .

So here what I am explaining you all are personally tried by myself and succeed also so now I am going to share with you all those tricks and tips so let’s start these .

If you know about youtube video SEO or youtube SEO optimization then you can skip the first two steps and directly jump to 3 ( the YouTubers third one) that is Link Building or Youtube Video Seo .

YouTube SEO : The Ultimate Guide

So when we here the word SEO many blogYouTuberswill think that it will be hard to learn but in the reality, it is not much hard as your thinking yes am saying true it is not much hard as your thinking so in youtube video SEO or SEO there will be 4 parts lets check them deeply .

  1. Youtube Video Title 

Title is one of the most important parts in SEO so to rank a video in youtube you need a good title too and that title must contain your main keyword, for example, your video is about getting JIO sim so let us think that your main keyword is ” JIO sim ” so title should be taken like these ” How to Get a JIO Sim For Free ” so here in this title we have our main keyword (Keyword Research will be explained at the end of this article).

So for example now let us search in google or youtube about JIO sim and let us see ranking youtube videos .

Backlinks for youtube videos

So friends here I have searched on youtube and here are the results see it in the every video in the title there is their main keyword JIO sim and they are ranking so from now in every video title use your main keyword .

2. Youtube Videos Description

To get youtube views good number of views you should focus on description this is the big mistake that many YouTuber’s will do they will leave description empty or some people will fill it with trash but that is big mistake you should use it also according to youtube algorithm it will search for good video and SEO did videos so we should also use keywords in description so first write about your video but it should contain your focus keyword and then paste all your keywords in the description box .

So here let us take an example so here I have searched for “Doraemon in Hindi” in youtube and I got these results .

backlinks for youtube videos

So here we can see first two videos are ranking in the first place these are all because of some video seo tips so if we see they have used the main keyword in the title as well as in description box and also they have a good number of views so from now don’t neglect the description box .


So these is related to keyword research so how to choose good tags and ranking tags you will learn in keywords section so now I will tell you the importance and how to rank a video in youtube so these also come under youtube video seo so first we have to gather the keywords then we have to choose which are good and ranking so instead of that we also have an easy way that is taking the keywords of ranking videos so these is the easy way to choose tags so let us see how to do that .

For these, we need an application it is an extension ” TUBE BUDDY ” so we have a separate article about it so you can prefer that link is given below so here I will explain a roughly in steps .


  • First Install Tube Buddy extension in your browser .
  • Now it will ask to attach your youtube channel so attach it .
  • After that go to search box and type your new video title .
  • So now you can see some search results so open first 5 videos .
  • Now below the video, you can find like these given in the below image .                               backlinks for youtube videos
  • So click on tags section so there you can find some tags .
  • Now copy the tags which are ranking (you can see their rankings on the keyword in the green mark).
  • So do same with all 5 videos and paste in your video tags section while uploading .

4. Social Media Sharing

So social media sharing is also a part of SEO so when we share out videos on social media then automatically your doing link building because it is a place where many people will be present so we can good some good views and also it will become a backlink so it is a type of backlinks for youtube videos so share your video as much as possible in social media .


Many people will not give a proper thumbline to their videos but it’s a mistake because it is also a part of youtube video seo remember these and also people will attract to the good looking videos so we should create good looking thumbline if it doesn’t look attractive people will not watch your video if you are ranking at first position too.. but if your video has a good look but your video is ranking in 5 Th place you will get views because people will think wow think video looks great so let me try these video and they will watch so don’t neglect thumblines also make them attractive and impressive to look and also take SEO optimized images for much better results .

Many Part of backlinks for youtube videos will start from here so concentrate on these carefully .


So as I told you to do keyword research with tube buddy it is easy method but also we have another way to do keyword research with Adwords Keyword Tool so we can use these to get good keywords many of the people will use these only but also there are many other keyword research tools also but this is much preferred so we have separate articles on it so am not going to explain in deep here I will provide out article link below here so follow it so now I will explain you roughly about it here .



  • First, create an account there if you doesn’t have and it’s free .
  • Now you can find Tools on the right side click on that and now select Keyword Planer .
  • Now Enter your Video title there and now you can see some keywords.
  • Just copy the keywords which have a huge number of searches and low competition .
  • Now just use them in your video tags .

So now the Main Part Starts backlinks for youtube videos so follow my steps carefully because youtube backlinks play the major role in rank a video in youtube so let’s start this .

How to Build Backlinks For YouTube Videos

SO GUYS THESE IS ALL HOW YOU CAN BUILD Backlinks For YouTube Videos and rank them and then earn a good amount of $$$$$$$$$ so if you know any other methods let me know by comments thanks for reading these article share this article in your social media and support us 🙂 .